JV Jeffrey Vandergrift found dead? San Francisco radio and Wild 94.9 DJ missing

JV is the 94.9 host of The JV show in San Francisco. He disappeared on February 23, 2023. His disappearance made people wonder where he went. You will get complete details about JV and Natasha in this article. Continue reading for more information.

Who are JV and Natasha?

JV and Natasha are known for their content on JV’s 94.9 show in San Francisco. People love them very much. He’s been missing for the past few days. Fans are shocked and disappointed after his sudden disappearance. What happened to him? Let’s dig deeper into the news.

JV Jeffrey Vandergrift with his wife NatashaJV Jeffrey Vandergrift with his wife Natasha

Where is the host of the JV show?

JV has been missing for a few days. People are waiting for his return. The fans are worried about him and whether or not he is okay. The radio station has asked people to share everything they know about him. The sudden disappearance is giving clues to a mishap. Rumor has it that he might have faced an accident or been the victim of foul play. Subsequently, it was confirmed that he is not a victim of any foul play by his wife.

JV Jeffrey Vandergrift with his wife NatashaJV Jeffrey Vandergrift with his wife Natasha

People are worried about them. We pray for your well-being. This doesn’t seem like a normal thing, but we can pray for your safety. The couple was happily married. Fans really enjoyed their wedding videos and photos.

JV Jeffrey Vandergrift

JV and Natasha wedding photos:

JV and Natasha got married a few years ago. People love to see them together. They had good times together. Natasha was seen wearing a transparent wedding dress. The images of her were adored by many of her fans. Sources are trying to find him. The investigation is still ongoing. There is no evidence of him yet. We will update you as soon as we know more details about them.

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JV Jeffrey VandergriftJV Jeffrey Vandergrift


JV and Natasha were the hosts of the JV show. Fans know him for his content. Fans mention that they want him back on the show. We hope you come back soon. JV was said to be dealing with Lyme disease. The police launched an investigation. Recently, his wife mentions that they may not get JV back. The fans are missing their daily shows. The San Francisco Police Department has asked you to keep some things private. We may know the details later.

JV Jeffrey Vandergrift

This was all about the JV basket case. We keep bringing such updates to our website. Stay tuned for more details.

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