K10 Curriculum DepEd, launch recalibrated in August

The latest notice from the Department of Education of the Philippines states that the DepEd will present the revised K-10 curriculum next month. Undersecretary for Education of the Philippines, Michael Poa announced that the Department of Education will launch the revised K-10 curriculum in August. This major development was made on Wednesday during the post-State of the Nation Address discussion of Cabinet members. Since this news broke out people have been left in a frenzy to know about the revised K-10 curriculum which will be launched by the DepEd next month. To know all the imperative updates about the K-10 curriculum, keep reading this article. Swipe down the page and take a look at the following sections.

K10 Curriculum DepEd

Education Undersecretary Michael Poa added, “The review of the K-10 curriculum came first, but the reviews of the senior high school curriculum—Grades 11 and 12—are underway. We already have a national task force doing that. We hope to complete that within a year’s time,” After announcing the revised K-10 Curriculum, the undersecretary for education reiterated that the Department of Education is undertaking a two-tracked approach to fulfill the requirement of classroom amid the classroom shortage. Explore the two-tracked approach which will be used by DepEd to tackle the issue of classroom shortage.

He said one track is building more classrooms in association with the Department of Public Works and Highways to build over 165000 classrooms across the nation. However, the agency was allocated P15.6 billion for classroom construction, equivalent to only 6,421 new classrooms under the 2023 General Appropriations Act. Hence, the other approach that DepEd will follow is the institutionalization of blended learning or the use of technology and alternative learning modes, said Michael Poa. Scroll down the page and read more details.

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Poa also added that the department is also putting extra efforts to make sure that the students are properly nourished under the school-based feeding initiative aside from the construction of classrooms and curriculum reforms. According to him, the school-based feeding initiative covers 120 days, therefore the department is trying to expand this program and trying for the entire school year. That’s very important because it hits two birds with one stone. Aside from giving proper nutrition to our learners, it also encourages our learners to stay in school, so dropout rates are also reduced, said Poa. Interim guidelines for the welfare of the teachers reducing administrative duties of the teacher will also be issued.

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