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Get to know the critical details of Kirit Somaiya’s Twitter video, biography, wife, family, age and latest viral video of Kirit Somaiya from here. Was Kirit really in a compromising situation, or was this a dirty political move to damage her reputation? If the evidence turns out to be true, then it is literally not good for either the BJP or the politician. Let us know more about Kirit Somaiya Video Twitter and related details.

Kirit Somaiya Video Twitter

Controversies are part of life for politicians, especially when they have achieved significant growth in their political career. Found in a compromising situation, Kirit was found guilty. Many political leaders, people, critics and the media are clinging to the incident that just happened with the politician.

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In a police investigation, he said for sure that he was not committing such an act. Kirit Somaiya’s video was shown on the Marathi channel, Lokshahi. The news channel has not revealed the identity of the woman under any circumstances. Reddit and Twitter are the most popular platforms where Kirit Somaiya’s viral video and other details of the politician are going viral. Everything that is happening lately could be due to the upcoming elections. This could be a strategy of some other party. You never know!

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Viral video of Kirit Somaiya

Social networks are just around the corner with the news of Kirit. The video was leaked on Monday, July 17, 2023 by Lokshahi, which shows Kirit in a compromising situation.

The video has been broadcast in all media and news channels. The politician has written a letter stating that the video has been falsified and retracts all the accusations against him. The truth will soon come out as the investigation of this particular case has already started.

Kirit Somaiya Video Twitter

Biography of Kirit Somaiya

North East Mumbai constituency for 13 and 16 Lok Sabha. Has the ability to understand public issues and address them effectively. In his years of career he has supported and fought against justice and negative aspects.

Kirit Somaiya Video Overview

Name Kirit Somaiya
Profession Politician @Bhartiya Janta Party
Age 69 years
Family Medha (wife), Neil (son)
recent controversy Caught in a compromising situation in a viral video
News channel to highlight videos lokshahi
Responses to viral video There is negative gossip circulating around every corner about Kirit.
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Who is Kirit Somaiya’s wife?

Medha Somaiya is the love partner of Kirit, who got married in 1979. Medha was always the right hand of her husband. Through each of her ups and downs, good or bad of hers, Medha was there. Her strong relationship is proof of a true bond between husband and wife.

Kirit Somaiya’s family

Coming from a middle-class family, Kirit has done very well in his political career. He is married to Medha Somaiya and is lucky to have a son, Neil. Neil is also in politics and is a City Councilor (Ward 108-Mulund).

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Kirit Somayia’s age

Kirit was born in 1954 and is around 69 years old. He has the most political experience in the Bhartiya Janta Party.

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What is Kirit Somaiya’s latest video?

The politician said that the viral video of Kirit Somaiya amplifies his negative image in the eyes of all. And it’s not what it seems from the end. The trust that Kirit has in him proves that he is not guilty. It may be true that someone is trying to accuse you of such content.

Kirit Somaiya’s video is shared on various news channels, YouTube and social media. One thing that can be learned from this case is that the use of social networks must be done respecting their policies.


Getting stuck in that condition is not good for Kirit Somaiya’s image or the party he is associated with. Therefore, everyone should be careful about what they upload to their social media accounts. Your personal life is completely private; no need to highlight it.

Now imagine what impact Kirit Somaiya’s video will have on Kirit’s family, especially his son, the public and everyone who saw this! This is absolutely an act of misconduct that should not have happened. Anyway, the investigation of the supreme authorities will soon uncover all the clues. We have to wait for a while until the evidence is collected around the corner.

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