Loreto Peralta’s father, he is Juan Carlos Peralta, a successful businessman

Juan Carlos Peralta is a successful Mexican businessman, known for being the father of actress Loreto Peralta.

Loreto Peralta’s father, Juan Carlos Peralta, is the general commercial director of Grupo IUSA, a Mexican engineering and construction company.

Juan Carlos Peralta was born in Mexico City, in 1970. He is the son of Juan Carlos Peralta Quintero and María Elena del Río. He studied industrial engineering at the Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico (ITAM).

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Peralta began his career at Grupo IUSA in 1993. He has held various positions in the company, and in 2022 he was named general commercial director.

Juan Carlos Peralta.

Peralta is responsible for Grupo IUSA’s commercial operations in Mexico and Latin America.

In his personal life, Peralta is married to Greta Jacobson, with whom he has three children: Loreto, Carlos and Andrés.

Likewise, Juan Carlos Peralta has always been classified as a successful businessman who has managed to build a successful career in the construction sector.

Likewise, he is a proud father of Loreto Peralta, who has followed in his footsteps in the world of entertainment.

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