Maria Menounos survived pancreatic cancer while expecting her first child: health and illness update

Recently, the news about Maria Menounos is going viral on the internet. The public is curious about the ongoing viral news about her health. The public surfs the Internet to know more about her health and her personal life. The public likes to know more about her as she recently shared news about her health. In this article, we have brought all the information about her health and her personal life. Keep reading the article to know more about the personal life of Maria Menounos.

Maria Menounos survived pancreatic cancer

The actress revealed that although she and her husband had intended to visit Greece in the summer, they had to change their travel plans because they were surrogate parents. During the announcement, Menounos broke down in tears and thanked the hosts and audience for supporting her throughout her journey. She added that she was passionate and pleased by the news. After receiving an early diagnosis in January, Maria Menounos stated in a recent interview that she had successfully overcome pancreatic cancer. Ella Menounos urged people to be proactive about her health and not let fear stop them from getting medical care. She is currently expecting her first child through surrogacy with her husband Keven Undergaro.

Maria Menounos reveals that she has beaten pancreatic cancer #WWE

– Wrestling News (@WrestlingNewsCo) May 3, 2023

Menounos is an American actress, reporter, television host, and member of the entertainment industry. Menounos has covered high-profile events, including the Academy Awards and the Golden Globes, for various media sites, including Access Hollywood, Today Extra, and E-news. Menounos has also appeared as an actor in movies and television productions such as “One Tree Hill,” “Entourage,” and “The Mindy Project.” Menounos is also an author, having written “Every Girl’s Guide to Life” and “Every Girl’s Guide to Diet and Fitness.”

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What happened to Maria Menounos?

Maria had definitely made the announcement that she and her husband, Keven Undergaro, were having a surrogate. She therefore is not pregnant and she will give birth to her child this summer. The couple had been open about their infertility issues and their choice to use a surrogate to conceive a child. Menounos and her husband Keven had been trying to conceive for nearly ten years and had undergone a series of fertility procedures. In 2016, after discovering that her IVF procedure had been unsuccessful, Menounos posted her concerns about infertility on Snapchat. To increase their chances of getting pregnant, the couple tried a variety of techniques, including medical procedures and even wacky ideas like hanging Menounos upside down, but none of them were successful.

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