Midweek Motivation: Use These Expert-Recommended Ways to Banish Every Bit of Your Fall Blues

With autumn waning and the end of the year approaching by the minute, the days have somehow begun to become bleaker. Although December brings with it the long-awaited holiday season, the months leading up to the holidays are groggy.

If you are also someone who has had a hard time coping with the gloomy days of fall, here is something you need to have fun all season long!

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Natural light is your cure

With warm weather just around the corner, the days have begun to get shorter and the mornings often bring a gloomy dawn. Although the heat has not yet stopped, the bright summer mornings are still missed.

According to sleep expert Lisa Artis, one cure for the fall blues is how much sunlight you’re exposed to. It is vital during the shady days of October that people focus on letting the sun in and keeping the blinds closed.

The expert said Metro United Kingdom, “Natural light makes you feel more awake and tells your internal biological clock that it is time to wake up and stop producing melatonin.” Artis warns that exposing your body to sunlight as soon as you wake up can be instrumental in regulating your mood during the fall blues.

Cold showers will give you the boost you need

Now this may seem harsh, but hear us out. Cold showers are a great way to wake up your groggy body and give you the quick fix you need to start your day. Taking a cold shower is not the same as taking a dip in the ice; This point is worth mentioning. Both are very different practices.

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Cold showers not only boost your immunity to common colds, but can also help combat symptoms of depression. A few minutes of standing under cold running water during the fall can improve circulation in your body and increase metabolism. All in all, it’s a sure way to gain momentum.

Sleep is essential

Research has shown that seven hours of sleep is the ideal amount of sleep a person struggling with adulthood should get. Optimal rest along with a good night’s sleep is known to be a factor that helps slow down the aging process.

Experts suggest that if you want to get a restful night’s sleep, it’s important to put screens down overnight an hour before bed to start your day. Similarly, diet also plays an important role in achieving a useful nap.

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