Natalia Téllez’s sister, meets Artemisa, a writer and unconditional support for the actress

The older sister of the Mexican actress Natalia Téllez, Artemisa, is a writer and teacher of female eroticism workshops.

Natalia Téllez’s sister, Artemisa Téllez, has a degree in Hispanic Languages ​​and Literatures and a master’s degree in Mexican Literature, both from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

He dedicates himself to writing, mainly poetry and erotic fiction. She also teaches creative writing and female erotica workshops.

Have you been a support for your sister?

Artemisa Téllez has been unconditional support for her sister Natalia. They are both very close and have supported each other in their professional careers.

On more than one occasion, Natalia Téllez has spoken of the pride she feels in her sister, and how lucky she is to have grown up together, as she is her greatest inspiration.

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Meet Artemisa, the talented sister of Natalia Téllez |  CanalU |  unicableArtemisa and Natalia Téllez.

What has Natalia Téllez said about her sister?

In a recent interview, Natalia Téllez said that Artemisa is an “extremely brilliant” woman and that she has been a great influence in her life. “She is my greatest support and my inspiration,” said the actress.

Artemisa Téllez is a talented and successful woman who has found her calling in writing. She is a loving sister and unconditional support for her sister Natalia.

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