PaLM 2: Google’s AI game changer for supercharging services

PaLM 2: Google's AI game changer for supercharging services

Google’s annual conference, Google I/O 2023, was the stage for the announcement of exciting new developments in the field of generative artificial intelligence. One of the main protagonists was the launch of PaLM 2, the latest version of Google’s great language model.

This new LLM, which builds on its predecessor, is already powering 25 of the company’s services, including the Bard chatbot.

Google I/O 2023: PaLM 2 and its great advances in Generative Artificial Intelligence

During the event, Google shared the improvements and features that PaLM 2 brings. One of them is its improved ability to handle multiple languages, having been trained in more than 100 languages.

Additionally, Google claims that your LLM can pass advanced language proficiency exams at the “proficiency” level. PaLM 2 has also been trained on a wide variety of scientific articles, magazines, and websites, giving you excellent math and research skills.

Lastly, the model was trained on a large code base, making it proficient in programming languages ​​such as Python, JavaScript, Prolog, Fortran, and Verilog.

Google has implemented PaLM 2 in 25 of its services, including popular productivity tools like Google Docs, Sheets, and Gmail.

In addition, the model is also being used in specialized Google services, such as Med-PaLM 2, which has shown excellent results in medical competencies and is the first big language model to reach the “expert” level in the medical license exam in the United States.

Another specialized example is Sec-PaLM, which uses PaLM 2 and Google Cloud to analyze malicious scripts and detect cyberthreats, among other things.

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Google highlighted PaLM 2’s ability to be fast and efficient, outperforming previous models in terms of performance. Furthermore, PaLM 2 is available in different sizes, from the smallest, called Gecko, to the largest, Unicorn.

This variety of options makes it easy to deploy to a wide range of use cases, including on mobile devices, enabling interactive applications even without an Internet connection.

Google highlighted the versatility of PaLM 2 and its ability to adapt and support a wide range of products and services, with the aim of benefiting a greater number of people.

In addition to PaLM 2, Google also anticipated the arrival of Gemini, a new highly efficient multimodal model in terms of tool and API integration.

Although it is currently in the training phase, Gemini will be available in different sizes and capacities, just like PaLM 2, to ensure its implementation in a variety of products, applications and devices, with the aim of benefiting a wide spectrum of users.

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