AOC’s voters criticize her claim that inflation is propaganda: ‘Is she crazy?’

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez might want her followers to believe that inflation is “propaganda,” but her constituents don’t believe it.

The fiery Democratic congresswoman took to her Instagram Stories to share a video from New Zealand’s leftist Aotearoa Liberation League in which an activist claimed inflation “propaganda” was designed to protect “greedy shareholders.” , which are really to blame for the increased cost. to live.

But when The Post visited Ocasio-Cortez constituents in the 14th District, which encompasses areas in both Queens and the southeastern part of the Bronx, they all reported economic problems and many said the Biden administration should not be let off the hook.

The White House has repeatedly touted its “Bidenomics” plan to combat rising prices.

Latisha Law, 41, a certified nursing assistant, single mother of three and grandmother, stopped in front of Key Food in the Castle Hill area of ​​the Bronx to say she was struggling financially since the pandemic.

A photo of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez at this year's Pride parade in Queens.Congresswoman Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez is “out of touch” with some of her constituents, according to some people in Queens and the southeast Bronx. Kevin C. Downs for NY Post

A left-wing activist speaks out in a video posted by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.This is the video of a New Zealand leftist group that AOC posted on her Instagram stories. Aotearoa Liberation League / Instagram

A left-wing activist speaks out in a video posted by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.The video calls “gaslighting” not blaming rising prices on “greedy shareholders.” Aotearoa Liberation League/Instagram

Inflation is real, and the fault lies with both the government and large corporations, Law told The Post.

“Is AOC crazy?” The law said. “Have you been to a grocery store recently? $1,000 is nothing anymore. $100 is nothing anymore. Maybe I should spend some time on projects and really help people.”

Law, like most Bronx and Queens residents interviewed by The Post, didn’t actually know much about Ocasio-Cortez.

Most asked who she was and couldn’t identify her, but they all agreed that they are paying almost double for the same amount of food and other necessities.

A photo of Latisha Law in the Bronx.Latisha Law, 41, is a certified nursing assistant and single mother of three children. She says inflation is real and AOC doesn’t understand what residents like her are going through. Matthew McDermott
The scene at a checkout at a Key Food branch in the Bronx.Inside Key Food, across from the Castle Hill homes in the Bronx, shoppers face mounting bills.Matthew McDermott

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Several reported having incurred serious credit card debt due to their difficulties paying bills.

“I’m working two jobs just to survive,” Law told the Post. “I kill myself just to feed my family. “It is much worse now than before the pandemic.”

Iris Vasquez, 61, who lives across the street from Key Food in Castle Hill Houses, was taking her great-granddaughter, Cali, 2, for a walk when The Post asked her what she thought of the video AOC had shared with the world. .

Vasquez shook his head.

“I think what the government did was take advantage of the pandemic,” he said. “You can’t blame all this on big companies. Prices rose a lot then and have remained high. I think it was just an excuse to make us spend more money.

A photo of Iris Vasquez outside her house.Iris Vásquez, 61, a resident of Castle Hill Houses in the Bronx, seen here, says the government took advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic and kept prices sky-high. Matthew McDermott

“I had to pay ten dollars for eggs at one point! Sometimes I have to go to the Food Bazaar near Yankee Stadium to get better prices, but then I have to take Uber back. “I don’t think inflation has ever been this bad.”

Sergio Acevedo, 51, of the Bronx, pointed to his cart as he checked it out from another Bronx supermarket.

“Check it out?” he said. “Before I could buy twice as much food for the same price I paid today. Now I buy less and I manage. Inflation is worse than ever.”

Jean Torres, 72, a retired teacher and Bronx resident of Puerto Rican descent, said inflation is so bad that some of her children have to pay for some basic items by charging them with credit cards.

A photo of Jean Torres outside a supermarket.Jean Torres, a retired Bronx teacher, said AOC “does not represent Hispanic values.” Matthew McDermott

“AOC does not represent true Hispanic beliefs or values,” Torres told The Post. “Puerto Ricans have traditional family values ​​that she does not represent.

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That’s why the Latino vote is moving away from her and other Democrats and toward Trump.

“And for her to act like inflation is anything but the government’s fault? Well, since I don’t have anyone to pay for my $30,000 gala dress like her, it’s a lot easier for me to see the truth.”

In 2021, Ocasio-Cortez wore a white Brother Vellies dress with “Tax the Rich” in red letters on her back and accessorized with a matching slogan on her bag to the Met Gala.

A photo of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez at the 2021 Met Gala.Ocasio-Cortez wore this Brother Vellies dress with “Tax the Rich” printed on the back to the 2021 Met Gala. Getty Images for The Met Museum/Vogue

“AOC should not be in Congress,” Torres said. “She is not helping us, she is harming us with her rhetoric and her policies.”

Torres said she was a lifelong Democrat but left the party a few years ago.

He said his entire family now votes Republican and would like to see Trump win the presidency again.

Ellis Olive, a retired paramedic and Bronx resident, said he lives on a fixed income and inflation has severely limited the amount of food he can buy.

“Everyone I know is living paycheck to paycheck now,” Olive, who declined to give her age, told The Post.

A photo of Ellis Olive with a shopping cart.Ellis Olive, a Bronx resident and retired paramedic, said his food budget has been severely limited due to inflation. Matthew McDermott

“I have to deposit between $300 and $400 on a credit card every month, but fortunately I can pay it off in full. Many people can’t. AOC should come out here and talk to people and see how bad the situation has gotten.

“Prices have gone crazy and someone has to do something about it. “The economy is a disaster and calling it all ‘propaganda’ is ridiculous.”

In East Elmhurst and parts of Jackson Heights in Queens, which AOC also represents, her constituents echoed those in the Bronx.

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A photo of Sergio Acevedo with his supermarket cart.Sergio Acevedo, 51, of the Bronx, said he disagrees with AOC downplaying the government’s role in inflation. Matthew McDermott
Queens resident Karma talks about inflation.Karma, 20, emigrated from Bhutan with her family and now needs to use credit cards to make ends meet. “It’s very strange to see this in such a rich country,” he says. Matthew McDermott

Ranu Debi, 33, a mother of two, said her family has been forced to use credit cards to pay for essential items such as groceries.

“The interest can be very high, 25 to 30 percent,” Debi said while playing with her children on the playground. “Rent and food are killing us. Before we went to Costco and with $200 we bought what we needed. Now we have to spend $400 to get the same thing we got for $200 just a few years ago. It is very hard”.

A 20-year-old College of the Atlantic student named Karma, who moved to Corona with his family a few years ago from Bhutan, told The Post that he has seen a rapid rise in inflation in just the last two years.

“We didn’t have credit cards in Bhutan, but here I have to use them to make ends meet,” Karma said. “I use a Chase Visa card. It’s been crazy to see prices rise so much in such a short time. Everything is expensive now. “It is very strange to see this in such a rich country.”

A photo of Manny Grima on a street in Queens.Manny Grima, 55, seen here shopping in Corona, said he had to cash out his 401K to make ends meet.Matthew McDermott

Manny Grima, 55, was born in the United States, but he also said he has been surprised by the recent rise in the cost of living.

“I had to cash out my 401K,” Grima said while shopping in Jackson Heights on Thursday. “The last few years have been very difficult. You walk into a store with $100 and buy almost nothing. “I don’t understand why (AOC) doesn’t take this more seriously.”

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