Phil Doucette Obituary: What Happened To Former Owner Of Modo Yoga?

Phil Doucette died. This news is currently circulating on some social media platforms. people are sharing this news very fastly. This death news is currently trending. His death has been confirmed by his family, this news is not fake. He was the former owner of Modo Yoga’s Minneapolis studio. He founded Modo Yoga’s Minneapolis studio with his ex-wife Ryann Jessiman. This studio was founded in 2011. The passing news of Phil has grabbed everyone’s attention online. People are paying tribute to Phil. Now there are a lot of rumors regarding his death. Some people are spreading rumors that his cause of death is suicide. So we are going to discover the truth behind this rumor in this article of Phil Doucette’s death.

Phil Doucette Obituary

The former owner of Modo Yoga’s Minneapolis studio Phil Doucette passed away. This is really shocking because his death news was really unexpected. Now we are going to know about his cause of death in this article. Phil’s life is filled up with full of ups and down. If we start with his career so he and his ex-wife discovered Modo Yogs’s Minneapolis studio in 2011. His ex-wife’s name is Ryan Jessiman. They got divorced after some years they moved to Minnesota. They remained the co-parents of their daughter even after their divorce. They both were business partners for a very long time even after the divorce but when Ryann got to know about cases of Phil so she broke up the business partnership also.

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Phil Doucette Modo Yoga

Phil Doucette came into the eyes of the public when he was arrested in a case of sexual assault in July 2023. This news left everyone in shock. This case turned his life worse. He was removed from the Modo Yoga Minneapolis studio as an owner on 5th June 2023. Before the Canada case, he was charged in Ottawa on 23rd May 2023, he faced the charge of 1 count of sexual exploitation, 1 count of sexual interference with a boy who was 16 years old, and 2 counts of sexual assault. This incident happened sometime between 1998 and 2001, it happened when he used to work at a youth leadership camp.

Phil Doucette Obituary

Phil Doucette was found dead at his home on 2nd August 2023. Some people are claiming that he has done suicide or he has died because of a heart attack. But till now nothing is confirmed because police officers are investigating this case at this point. Till now the postmortem reports are not released. May his soul Rest in Peace.

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