Remember it? Blue-eyed Chaiwala from Pakistan opens a cafe in London

Pakistan’s viral superstar, the blue-eyed chaiwala, has gone beyond his humble beginnings and created a thriving cafe in the dynamic metropolis of London, in a narrative that has captivated the internet and won hearts around the world. This incredible journey from chai shop to cafe owner in one of the culinary capitals of the world demonstrates the power of social media and the tenacious spirit of a dynamic young man.

Arshad Khan, a tea seller in Pakistan, became an instant phenomenon a few years ago when his portrait went viral on social media. His stunning blue eyes and gruff charisma caught the attention of millions, making him an internet celebrity known as the “blue-eyed chaiwala”. This unexpected fame catapulted him into the spotlight and opened the doors to opportunities previously unimaginable.

An internet star opens a cafe in London: Pakistan’s blue-eyed chaiwala

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Khan, who went viral in 2016 for his stunning looks, has established Cafe Chaiwala in Ilford Lane in east London, populated mainly by Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis. According to a press release from the cafe, the cafe features traditional and cultural South Asian themes such as truck art and a hand-decorated Vespa, desi paintings on the wall, and an atmosphere that is both modern and desi dhabba.

The blue-eyed man shared information about the cafe, saying, “My visit is planned, and I’d love to make tea for my fans.” I have received thousands of requests to visit London. Our first international chai business opened on Ilford Lane and the response has been overwhelming. We opted to start at Ilford Lane with the Durrani Brothers because it is home to many Pakistanis and Indians who enjoy Chai. I’ll be there in person soon.”

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The Chaiwala Cafe is designed and designed in a way that promotes South Asian culture and provides the authentic feel and aesthetic of how Chai cafes should be. Mr. Khan has been documenting his business progress on his Instagram account.

After achieving worldwide popularity with the viral photo, Mr. Khan was offered various jobs as a model and actor. While dabbling in the entertainment industry, the chaiwala opened his first cafe, ‘Cafe Chaiwala Rooftop’, in Islamabad in 2020.

He previously told Urdu News that the name ‘chaiwala’ holds a particular place in his heart because it is an intrinsic part of his identity and an easy reminder of his journey.

Aside from its culinary delights, Arshad Khan’s cafe in London has become a gathering place for people of many backgrounds. The cafe has become a hub for locals and tourists alike, creating friendships and boosting cultural exchange thanks to its warm hospitality and welcoming atmosphere. It symbolizes unity and acceptance, a place where people can come together to enjoy the beauty of diversity.

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