SAMHI Hotels IPO GMP today, subscription status, price, allocation status

You will get details of SAMHI Hotels GMP IPO today, subscription status, price, allotment status and more from here. The Stock Market is open for those who know decent ways to take advantage of the opportunity to fill their wallets! We share specific information about SAMHI Hotels IPO GMP Today for your reference.

SAMHI Hotels IPO GMP today

Do you venture to invest your hard-earned money in an Initial Public Offering? Well, you should consider the profitable aspects before losing money from your pocket!

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Popularity, quality of services and positive customer feedback have enhanced Samhi’s economic value. SAMHI Hotels IPO GMP Today costs Rs 35. You can start bidding from today i.e. September 14-18, 2023.


SAMHI Hotels offers hospitality and consulting services to its clients. Currently, the hotel is associated with various brands to ensure superior quality services to customers. The strong portfolio and global partnerships are an outlet to reach broader and classier visitors.

SAMHI Hotels is the third largest hotel company that has contributed a significant amount to the overall economy of the country.

SAMHI Hotels IPO GMP today Overview

Article title SAMHI Hotels IPO GMP today
Name Samhi Hotels
Services hospitality and consulting services
Total hotels in operation 12
SAMHI Hotels IPO GMP today 35 rupees
Initial public offering dates September 14 to September 18, 2023
Final assignment September 22, 2023
Price band 119 to 126 rupees per share
Lot Size 119
Offer for sale 13,500,000
Equity participation 1 rupees
Share Retail (10%), QIB (15%), HNI (15%)
New number 1200 crores
Listed in EEN/BSE
Subscription status 0.04
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SAMHI Hotels Subscription Status

Consistency is the key to the success that Samhi Hotes has achieved in recent years in its services to its clients. This is the main reason why the hotel sector can offer a considerable share price to investors. We have bifurcated investments based on category.

Investor Category Subscription status
Non-institutional buyers 0.01
Retail 0.22
Anchor 1
bNII 0.01
sNII 0.02
Qualified institutions 0.00

The above data represents that the bidding starts immediately, which means that before September 18, the subscription status will increase. To conclude, the subscription status for day 1 is 0.04.

SAMHI Hotels share price

The debate over the final status of Samhi Hotels is vital. Thus, for fiscal year 2023, the hotel is making better profits than in previous years. Performance is strong due to improved interior and visitor facilities.

The price band is Rs 119 to Rs 126 per share. Furthermore, one lot will be equivalent to 119 shares.

SAMHI Hotels IPO Lot Size

Better care is required when you are likely to invest in Samhi Hotels. Therefore, we have shared the application details of batch size in the following table:

Details of the application Date
Retail (minimum) 1
Retail (max.) 13
S-HNI (minimum) 14
B-HNI (max.) 67

Retail low stock starts at 119 and ends at 7973 currently. However, the amount that will depend on these time slots is 14,994 to 1,004,598 rupees.

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SAMHI Hotel Allocation Status

Talking about the revenue of SAMHI Hotels, which was Rs 179, the following reached Rs 333. You won’t believe that in 2023, the revenue reached Rs 761. This is a truly excellent score and also means that the hotel is making progress in terms of providing the best of its services to visitors.

SAMHI Hotels IPO GMP Important dates 2023

The IPO GMP timeline is always helpful for investors to make the right decision regarding buying or rejecting a particular investment. Thus, we have shared the dates below:

Detailed report Date
Investor allotment date September 13, 2023
IPO start and end date September 14 to September 18, 2023
final assignment September 22, 2023
Refund initiation September 25, 2023
Demat Account Credibility September 26, 2023
IPO listing September 27, 2023

The gray market premium will be made according to the schedule discussed here. You can also check any valid financial website for useful information.

One important thing that investors check before investing is the return they will receive. But the thing is, earnings depend on market capitalization, brand value of Samhi Hotels, current stock market trends, and more. What you can do is simply get help from a financial agent. These people have good knowledge about IPO GMP and will help you make favorable decisions for your investments.

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