SEE: The viral video of Mai Titi generates outrage online and leaves the Internet divided

After a tremendous leak of Mai Titi’s private photo, the Zimbabwean comedian and musician responded to his controversial images. Yes, Mai Titi, a comedian and popular musician in Zimbabwe, has responded to the leaked photos of her and videos of her. The musician reportedly blamed her husband for the leak of her private photos. She singled out her ex-husband during an interview in which she was open about her leaked photos of her. Do you know who Mai Titi’s husband is? In this article, we have explored and developed the history of the Mai Titi scandal. You must continue with this page and you must read this article till the end. Scroll down the page.

Mai Titi’s viral video

Mai Titi’s real name is Felistas Murata. Today, she is making headlines and experiencing an unwanted whirlwind due to leaked photos of her. It was a big question for fans to know who leaked her private photos of her. But the music has opened up about it and she clearly accused her ex-husband and her ex-friend of being responsible for the leak. In addition, Felistas Murata has also filed a complaint against her ex-husband in Zimbabwe and the US. Her ex-husband is based in the US. Mai Titi reportedly filed a complaint for rape of p*rn from cyberbullying and revenge. Scroll down the page and read more details.

The ongoing viral video is vengeful as it was leaked to show explicit videos and images of Mai Titi. Meanwhile, the comedian came to the fore and accused her ex-husband of leaking her images. She said: “The only person who had my nudes is my ex-husband, who gave them away. I have already informed them both in the countries where they live and here in Zimbabwe. I have no relationship with her (former friend of hers). I don’t know what she’s fighting against. Revenge (from my ex-husband) because he knows he is never going to set foot in Zimbabwe because of the money he stole and I put him on the wanted list.”

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However, Mai Titi often remains in controversy, previously making headlines due to fraud allegations in a Harare Woman case. Bail was set at $10,000. Her husband’s name cannot be mentioned for legal reasons. She now she has been trending because of the leaked clip of her. Leaked images of Mai Titi can be easily found on Facebook and Twitter, many people have posted them on her groups. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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