SEE: Video of Kawana Jenkins Fulton County appears online

SEE: Video of Kawana Jenkins Fulton County appears online

Today we are going to share a shocking incident that happened in Fulton County. The video of a detention officer has gone viral, as she has been accused of dozens of crimes. She has been fired from her job. She has been accused of being rude to an inmate. This news has gone viral on the internet. This has become a new controversy. People on the internet are very curious to know about this whole case. People want to know about that woman who has been accused and they want to know why this video has gone viral. So we’ve collected a lot of information about this case. so we are going to tell you all about this incident. So, read the entire article to know about this case.

Photo Credit: Fulton County Sheriff’s Office

Kawana Jenkins Fulton County Video

Kawana Jenkins, the officer who has been accused of being rude to an inmate. Police are investigating this news. Kawana Jenkis used to work as a detention officer at the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office. She is 36 years old. Video of her leaked online showing her having an inappropriate sexual relationship with an inmate. This controversy has become a hot topic on the Internet. People are very interested in hearing about this news. But what is in the video? Why is this video going viral? What’s wrong with this video? To know this, read the full article, do not skip anything if you want to know about this case.

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This news has become a huge controversy on all social media platforms. This news has created an internet storm. This video has disturbed and upset many people on the internet. This video has caught the attention of many people. She has been fired and accused of dozens of crimes. As we have seen in the video that shows us. Kawana Jenkins is seen sitting on a chair and performing sexually on a man’s fingers.

She has reportedly been charged with two counts of misconduct, two counts of inappropriate sexual contact, two counts of harming inmates, one count of giving a prohibited item and five counts of breaking the rules by a public official. She has been charged with all of these charges. The police are investigating her as she is in police custody. Soon we will share information about this case. Until then, stay with us.

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