Shrimad Ramayan Sony TV Cast Name with Photo, Release Date, Show Time

You will get the essential information about Shrimad Ramayan Sony TV Cast Name with Photo, Release Date and Show Time here. After Kon Banega Crorepati, there is an epic show that will soon air on the channel. We will share the specific details about Shrimad Ramayan Sony TV in this article; Continue reading to get the relevant information.

Shrimad Ramayan Sony TV

Sony is an entertainment company that has several television channels that broadcast soap operas, movies, songs, and more on a daily basis. It streams popular shows and series keeping in mind the specific needs of the viewers.

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Sony TV will soon launch the epic show Shrimad Ramayan. The planned release date is January 2024.

Shrimad Ramayan Show

We all are well aware of the “Ramayana” which is also a holy book of Hindus. Shrimad Ramayan (Hindu mythology). The show is on God Ram. He was the son of Raja Dasaratha of Ayodhya. Unfortunately, Lord Rama has to experience “vanwas” for 14 years, as appealed to by his Kaikeyi due to the influence of Manthara. Not only Rama but also his wife Maa Sita, his brother Laxman, his father Dasharatha and the people of Ayodhya.

When the trio (Lord Rama, Sita Mata and Laxman Ji) were in the Forest, Maa Sita finally meets Ravana. From there a new chapter begins. Rama, Hanuman and vanar sena attacked Lanka to win back the love of his life. The story does not end here. The return of Lord Ram and Sita Ji calls for a celebration for the people of Ayodhya. The day is known as “Diwali”, a special occasion for people who follow Hinduism.

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Later, Maa Sita has to give “Agni Pariksha” to prove her purity. Maa has to go on alone with her life. She gave birth to two children; Luv and Kush. She stays with them in an ashram for years, raising the children to be the best versions of her. This is not all yet, there is much more to know about the epic story. It was Treta Yug when there were gods and goddesses. You’ll know the fantastic parts of the story when you watch the show.

These kinds of series are important to get motivation and peace in Kalyug’s hectic life. Shrimad Ramayan is a family program that you can comfortably watch with your family or friends.

Shrimad Ramayan Overview

Show name Srimad Ramayan
streaming partner sony tv
Gender hindu mythology
Show time Monday to Friday
Producer sidharth kumar
Format Contemporary
Release date January 2024
Production house Swastika production
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Shrimad Ramayan cast name with photo

The producer, Sidharth Kumar, has selected the best cast. Many actors and actresses tried to get the role, but there was a criteria based on which the cast was selected. Its performance will improve the television rating that is stable up to now. According to an article in India Today. TRP is effective in evaluating the audience of a particular television channel. The TRP rating shows the duration of the viewing duration of a particular channel/program by the viewers. The Broadcast Audience Research Council uses the BAR-O-meter to calculate views every Thursday.

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If we talk about the TRP rating of Shrimad Ramayan, we can measure the expectation up to ten times. The reason is that the show is associated with the feelings of the audience and furthermore, it helps them to learn great things about our culture and more.

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The producers of the program have not revealed the cast or their photographs, they will soon update them in digital media. We know it’s just heightening your curiosity, but you’ll have to wait for the significant details.

Shrimad Ramayan Release Date

The most anticipated show of the TV series is Ramayan. There’s a different vibe watching our religious gurus on TV. Viewers spend enough time watching the show.

If you are also excited to know the release date, we would like to inform you that the show will be LIVE next year. We know this will be a long time for you, but you have to wait for the amazing show.

Show Ramayan time

Generally, the channels broadcast reality shows on weekends (Saturday and Sunday). Thus, the program will be broadcast from Monday to Friday on Sony TV.

Curiosity among viewers will soon come to an end. You can watch the YouTube trailer to know the details of the program. Although the creators have not officially shared the complete information about the show, we have tried to share most of it. I hope this helps you to get the necessary details.

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