SK Love Is Blind cheat video: Raven and SK cheat on TikTok

The news of cheating on a loving partner is all the rage these days. This is one of the biggest fears in any relationship and it really hurts and sometimes puts the other person into depression. Cheating on someone is considered a sin and that is why it is important to be loyal in a relationship. However, sometimes our ideal commits this sin, and their fans get hurt too. Cheating scandals are not new news to hear in the entertainment industry, but still everyone who comes along instantly draws attention. This time too 2 popular celebrities are creating headlines after their name gets dragged in this scandal and their fans are shocked and eager to know more accurate information about it.

SK Love Is Blind Hoax Video

This time SK Alagbada and Raven Gates are reportedly getting involved in the cheating scandals. Both actors are members of the cast of the famous and successful series “Love Is Blind”. This series is available to watch on Netflix. Speaking of this scandal, the revelation that SK betrayed Raven came to light through a viral video posted on Tiktok. Now this viral video has shocked the entire Love Is Blind community and several fans are traumatized. They feel sad for Raven and want to know who she was cheating on them with. People also want to know what happened between SK and Raven after she found out about this.

Cuervo and SK cheating on TikTok

Love Is Blind fans are quite shocked after hearing the news of the cheating scandal between SK Alagbada and Raven Gates. It all started with the viral Tiktok video revealing that SK had cheated on Raven. There are many fans who still do not believe this news and think it is fake. Unfortunately this news is true and Raven’s loyal fans want to know what happened after she found out and who uploaded this video. The drama began in August 2021 when a video was posted on a short video creation app, claiming that SK had cheated on Raven. The viral video saw that SK was in bed with another woman and it doesn’t take long for this video to go viral.

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SK Love Is Blind Hoax Video

When Raven saw this video, she was shocked and completely devastated. After that, she decided to end this relationship with SK. However, she at first denied the accusation but later accepted that she cheated on Raven. Initially, the identity of the woman seen with SK in the video was not known, but later, the woman’s name surfaced and she was identified as London Alexis. She is an influencer and model who has amassed a large following on social media. What was interesting was that London claimed in her post that SK had lied about her relationship.

SK Love Is Blind Hoax VideoSK Love Is Blind Hoax VideoSK Love Is Blind Hoax VideoSK Love Is Blind Hoax VideoSK Love Is Blind Hoax VideoSK Love Is Blind Hoax Video

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