Story Of Man’s Struggle To Book Uber Auto In Bangalore During Rush Hour Stuns Twitter Users

Known as the ‘Silicon Valley of India’, Bengaluru is infamous for its congested traffic and long journey times. A Bangalore man’s effort to book an Uber car during rush hour recently shocked Twitter users and sparked a heated discussion about the city’s transportation woes. The abnormally long waiting time for the car journey piqued the interest of netizens, exposing the daily challenges of commuters in one of India’s major metropolitan cities.

This happened to Twitter user Anushank Jain, who just shared his Uber wait time.

It’s not like he had to wait 10 or 20 minutes for his car to arrive, but he had to wait 71 minutes since his car came from 15 miles away. We are sure that this waiting time is too much to kill. No one can wait after a tiring day at the office. But this guy just showed people his Twitter, and they’re all in shock, while the other one says it’s normal.

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The epic battle between Bangalore commuters and Uber Auto

Great respect for him if he actually shows up. #picobengaluru

— Anushank Jain (@madmax_anushank) May 16, 2023

Anushank Jain captioned this screenshot with the caption: “Big respect for him if he actually shows up.”

In Bangalore, residents scramble to book Uber cars, sparking a Twitter stormTwitter/@madmax_anushank

In the tweet, you can see the driver of the car standing exactly 15 miles from where Jain booked the Uber car. The time it will take for the Uber Auto to reach it is given along with the OTP; the rest of the things are hidden in the screenshot. In the tweet thread, he also mentioned in the comments section that the driver of the car canceled the ride after 1 minute. This has to happen because no one will wait that long!

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Let’s see how netizens reacted to this story from Bangalore

We are sure that this is the story of every Bangalore citizen as they have to go through this every day during rush hour. Within seconds, Twitter users flooded the platform with answers, memes and personal experiences about their traffic problems in Bangalore. Many people were sympathetic to Jain, while others shared their experiences with long lines during rush hour. The incident highlighted the huge problem of transport infrastructure and the need for efficient solutions in a city experiencing rapid urbanization.

One person commented: “I have a lot of respect for you if you wait that long.”

Big respect for you too if you wait that long

— Bal Krishn Birla (@bkbirla) May 16, 2023

Another person said, “Lol, you seem to be the one!” I assumed @Olacabs and @Uber_India cars were just for advertising. If you need one quickly, none of them accept or show up for collection, even though the app shows a stack of vehicles only 1 minute away!

Hahaha, you seem to be the one! I thought @Olacabs & @Uber_India the cars were for advertisements only. If you need one urgently, no one accepts or shows up for collection, even though on the app they show a pile of cars just 1 minute away!

— Gautham Shanbhogue 🇮🇳 (@ohmygaut) May 17, 2023

One user even wrote, “This tweet screenshot should be sent to all respected HR managers of ‘work from office’ companies in Bangalore.”

This tweet screenshot should be sent to all respected HR managers of “work from office” companies in Bangalore 😂😂

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– Prashant Paleja (@caprashant1) May 17, 2023

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