The Grim Reaper Aesthetic: FBI Arrests Kentucky Man Who Decorated His Home With 40 Human Skulls And Bones

Every grunge and metal fan has at some point in their life shown an interest in buying into the skull aesthetic, whether it be on a pendant or a faded shirt. However, one man took things too far when he decided to not only own human bones and skulls, but also sell them online.

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Bone collector arrested with 40 skulls and bones as home decoration

Bone collector arrested with 40 skulls and bones as home decorationWHAS11

A Kentucky man in the United States has been detained after dozens of stolen human skulls and bones were found at his residence that were being used as decorations. James William Nott was allegedly trafficking these human bones in a network that is currently being linked to Harvard Medical School.

After the man was taken into custody, more than 40 human skulls, including one with a scarf around its neck, were found in Nott’s home. Along with this apparent overflow of skulls were hip bones, rib cages, and backbones that were also kept at Nott’s Washington home during the FBI raid.

When officials discovered the chilling scene, Nott was asked if anyone else was inside the apartment. In response, the 40-year-old said: “Just my dead friends.” The man has been accused of trafficking these human bones while he was using the name “William Burke” on the Internet.

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Nott sold these skulls and other bones on Facebook

The bone collector not only sold these bones on the Facebook marketplace, but also placed some pieces on his bed and other furniture as home decorations. Nott allegedly had ties to a morgue manager who was also arrested last month for selling body parts. Notts is also associated with Harvard Medical School.

Authorities linked the man to the medical school because Harvard medical bags containing loaded firearms, including an AK-47, were found at his home.

In his recent internet activity, Nott allegedly spoke with a fellow bone aficionado on Facebook. Nott and Jeremy Pauley from Pennsylvania were seen chatting about selling bones on the platform.

Bone collector arrested with 40 skulls and bones as home decorationFacebook

In the conversation, Pauley apparently asked bone collector Nott while assuring him that he will indeed be paid for the grim home decor: “How much total for the couple and the last video you sent in plus the spines?”

Pauley was later questioned by the authorities as well and revealed all about the body parts dealer ring he was aware of. In this ring, vendors supposedly sold not only human bones, but hearts, brains, and lungs as well.

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