Tiaré Scanda in Muchachitas, how was her performance and character?

Tiaré Scanda is a Mexican actress who rose to fame in 1991, when she played Elena Olivares in the soap opera “Muchachitas.”

The character of Tiaré Scanda in Muchachitas was a young upper class girl who falls in love with a lower class young man, she was one of the most popular in the plot.

Elena Olivares was a 16-year-old girl who lived in an exclusive neighborhood in Mexico City.

She was the daughter of a successful businessman and had a wealthy life. However, her life changes when she meets Federico Cantú, a lower-class young man who works as a mechanic in her father’s workshop.

Elena and Federico fall in love, but their relationship is complicated. Elena’s parents do not approve of their romance and do everything they can to separate them.

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The controversial departure of Tiaré Scanda

Tiaré Scanda had a controversial exit from “Muchachitas.” In 1992, the actress decided to leave the soap opera in the middle of recording the second season.

The reason for his departure was never fully clarified, but it was rumored that it was due to a disagreement with the producer, Pedro Damián. Scanda was also said to be tired of the pressure of fame.

Tiare Scanda.

Tiaré Scanda’s career

Despite her departure from “Muchachitas”, Tiaré Scanda has had a successful career. He has participated in several soap operas, films and series, including “Life in the Mirror” (1995), “La calle de las novias” (2000), “Las Juanas” (2004) and “El club de los idealistas” ( 2021).

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He has also ventured into theater and independent film. In 2019, she starred in the film “Pinches Momias”, which premiered at the Guadalajara International Film Festival.

In 2023, Tiaré Scanda was recognized with the Bravo Lifetime Achievement Award for her work in theater.

It is important to remember that Tiaré Scanda is a talented actress who has achieved a successful career despite difficulties. Her role as Elena Olivares in “Muchachitas” made her a star and her work in theater and independent film has established her as an actress of great versatility.

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