Tips and tricks you didn’t know about Google Maps

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Google Maps has become ubiquitous in our daily lives. Consulting the location of an establishment, calculating how long it will take to get to a place on foot or allowing the application to guide us when we are in the car to reach our destination are some of the most frequent options.

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However, there are many tricks that you probably didn’t know about Google Maps that will also change your life or, at the very least, make things easier for you. Please take note of all of them in case you don’t know them. You will surely take advantage of them.

Download the Maps

One of the most practical options of Google Maps that we do not always take into account is the possibility of downloading the maps. In this way, you can store them on your mobile device, and thus you will not have problems if you lose the connection, use up data or have little coverage. To do this, you need to go to Google Maps on your Android device and click on your profile picture. The Options Menu will appear, and you need to select Offline Maps and then your map. At that time, you can download the area you want.

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We recommend that you download the maps before you go on a trip or start your route, whether by car or on foot. If you are going to visit a certain area of ​​your destination once there, it is best to download the maps at the hotel with good coverage to take advantage of the Wi-Fi connection and not waste your mobile data.

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find parking

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Searching for parking spaces with Google Maps is as useful on trips as it is in our day-to-day lives. To do this, place the destination or place where you want to look for parking in the Google Maps search engine on your computer. Then at the bottom click on “how to get there.” Then select the car as the travel mode. Back at the bottom, you’ll see a big P inside a circle. By clicking on it, you will be shown the different parking lots available nearby.

Remember where you parked the car

If you are one of the clueless people who find it difficult to find their way around the parking lot or who easily get lost when parking the vehicle in a city or town they barely know, Google Maps can also make your life easier.

You can save the location of your parked car with a couple of very simple steps. Open Google Maps on your phone or tablet, then tap the blue dot indicating your location. Then all you have to do is click Save Parking.

Information on Adapted Places

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In the cities it is possible to search for sites adapted for people with reduced mobility since the information is not yet available on all sites. This is especially useful for people with crutches, in a wheelchair or even if we go with the baby stroller.

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To find this data, you must filter your searches. Open Google Maps on your mobile, then click on your profile image and then on Settings. Then select Accessibility settings and Accessible sites. They will now appear in searches with the icon of a person in a wheelchair.

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Avoid tolls

Again, if you’re traveling by car, remember that a Google Maps trick makes it easy for you to find the best way to get to your destination without going through highway tolls, which will also help you save.

Once you’ve searched Google Maps on your mobile device for directions to your destination and selected your driving route, click the three vertical dots at the top right of the page and select Route Options. Then select Avoid tolls. You can also check “Avoid highways” and “Give priority to fuel-saving routes” of your destination and select the route by car, click the three vertical dots at the top right of the page and choose Route Options. Then select Avoid tolls. You can also mark “Avoid highways” and “Give priority to fuel-saving routes”, even indicating the type of engine of your vehicle: gasoline, diesel, electric or hybrid.

Google Maps Go

Remember that a perfect version of Google Maps is available if your phone or mobile device is low-end. This is Google Maps Go, a simpler option for low-performance devices that require less storage space and power consumption.

However, Google Maps Go has all the features of the full version, making it a good option for those with simpler phones. In any case, consuming as few resources as possible on your mobile is ideal since it takes up 100 times less space than Google Maps.

These are just some tips that we offer you, but don’t forget to check out our tricks for using Google Maps when you travel to get the most out of the application.

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