Uber Eats to remove peanut allergy scene from Super Bowl ad

Uber Eats has released a Super Bowl commercial featuring Jennifer Aniston and Friends’ David Schwimmer, among other celebrities. Several celebrities appeared in the advertisement, making it popular.

However, one section of the commercial, which contained a joke about peanut allergies, caused a stir. Following a backlash, the company revealed its decision to remove the controversial allergy scene.

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What did the ad present?

Uber Eats to remove peanut allergy scene from Super Bowl ad
Many celebrities appeared in the advertisement | Image: X

The video focused on the theme of forgetting to set the tone for Uber Eats’ slogan: “Whatever you forget, remember, Uber Eats keeps it all.”

In one shot, a man with hives and blisters due to a peanut allergy can be seen enjoying a spoonful of peanut butter.

The man seemed to have forgotten his allergy and adds, holding up a container of peanut butter: “Are there peanuts in the peanut butter?” “Oh, it’s the main ingredient.”

Uber Eats to remove peanut allergy scene from Super Bowl ad
The ad mocked life-threatening food allergies | Image: X

How did the Internet react?

Netizens criticized Uber Eats shortly after the commercial, which also included cameos from Victoria and David Beckham, aired. Food Allergy Research & Education stated: “We are deeply displeased by @UberEats’ use of life-threatening food allergies for fun in their Super Bowl ad. The misery of nearly 33 million Americans with this ailment is not fun. A potentially life-threatening disease “Deadly Food allergy is a medical condition, not a diet. Enough is enough.”

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Who shared the edit announcement?

In a follow-up statement Friday, Dr. Sung Poblete, CEO of FARE, said Uber Eats agreed to remove the peanut allergy scene from the Super Bowl ad. “What a great result. FARE would like to thank Uber for listening to our feedback and making the necessary improvements to their Super Bowl ad. After speaking with them today, I believe we have a new ally to help us navigate our journey with our disease. “Poblete told Hoy.

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