Understand the lucrative world of API documentation and technical writing

APIs (application programming interfaces) are driving digitalization in the world. All companies use APIs to automate and optimize their operations. An API is a programming interface that allows applications to communicate and share information.

API technical and documentation writers are tasked with creating documents and other materials that explain how APIs work, promote their functional programs, and explain their use.

Due to the increasing popularity of APIs, the world of API documentation and technical writing has become lucrative. Each API needs proper documentation. This means that technical writers are needed everywhere to address the growing demand.

Who needs API documentation and technical writers?

API documentation and technical writers have a wide audience. Some of the people they write for include systems architects, system designers, developers, and programmers.

Its content may include authentications, use cases, code examples, and other information or resources that these professionals need when performing their tasks.

Developers and some of the API documentation and technical writer audiences need help designing, planning, and building different features. They need to understand what to use, what to avoid and the standards to follow. They can get all this with the help of API documentation and technical writers.

When creating these documents, the writers use different writing tools with their programming knowledge and experience to provide instructions, code samples, examples and links necessary in the development, implementation and maintenance stages.

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What does an API technical and documentation writer do?

As mentioned above, API documentation and technical writers are responsible for writing a description of an API that shows how it works. In their docs, you’ll find functions, classes, authentications, sample code, and other details that show how a user is supposed to connect to the APIs.

For example, let’s say you want to consume an API that needs to communicate with another API for everything to work as expected. API documentation and technical writers should develop a document that shows how these APIs communicate and share data.

They must also provide all security tokens and parameters for this communication. Your documentation should include all the required details and set you up for easy use of the API.

Educational Requirements for API Technical and Documentation Writers

If you want to be a technical writer responsible for creating API documentation, you must have a bachelor’s degree in a field related to technical communication or programming.

Since you will be writing about APIs and other related products, you must understand at least two programming languages. You don’t want to write about something and give examples when you don’t know what you’re writing about.

In addition, you must possess technical, communication and collaboration skills. This is because you will be communicating with and collaborating with developers, most of whom are introverts, especially when working on the same API.

Those with a degree but who do not possess some of the above skills can enroll in online courses to improve their skills. Always keep in mind that programming skills are essential for everyone who wants to be an API documentation and technical writer.

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How API Documentation and Technical Writers Work

API documentation and technical writers don’t just start creating these documents the way they want. They have specific procedures that they must follow in order to structure their data as necessary.

The procedures involve a lot of time conducting research, compiling and analyzing data, and then creating documentation. The first step requires the technical writer to first examine the data he has.

After the exam, they must develop an accepted structure for the entire document. In addition to structure, API documentation requires technical writers to follow proper standardization to ensure that both the API and its documentation follow accepted standards.

Some of the most important things to include in your API documentation include;

  • API Functions: Here, you need to allow the API user to understand the value of all the API functions. For example, essential and most used features can be listed at the top.
  • Use Cases: You should also refer to other related topics and provide examples of areas where the particular API you are writing about can be used.

The world of API documentation and technical writing will continue to grow

As the world and all companies increase their digitalization efforts, we will see an increase in API adoption. This means that the world of API documentation and technical writing will become even more lucrative.

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