Viral Video of Mahir and Tripty Rahman, Rajuk Uttara Model College Teacher and Student

Viral Video of Mahir and Tripty Rahman, Rajuk Uttara Model College Teacher and Student Clip Face Backlash Online: What is developed for our betterment and advancement, some people are using for the wrong reasons. The best example is mobile phones and the Internet, both of which are used for the betterment of people, but some people use it to spread the wrong reason that makes other people feel uncomfortable on social media. Despite knowing that the children were also using social media platforms, some people posted controversial videos and photos that can distress anyone. This time too, a video is going viral on social media and garnered a lot of attention, which is “Rajuk Expose Drive Link”.

Viral video of Mahir and Tripty Rahman

There are many people who have not seen the video yet and are eager to know what kind of content makes it go viral among social media users. Reports state that this video went viral on Pohela Boishakh, Bengali New Year’s Day. This video comes from Bangladesh and it went viral in other countries as well, but mostly it is getting attention from Indians and they are constantly talking about it. The content is truly disturbing to watch, as again the couple’s act has put the relationship between a student and a teacher to the test. Such incidents are showing that the morality of some teachers is completely gone and they do not know how to behave and manage the reputation of this sacred profession.

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In the viral video, a couple identifying themselves as a teacher and a student from Rajuk Uttara Model College are captured. This university is a famous and reputed school in Bangladesh but now the educational institution is attracting everyone’s attention for the wrong reasons. The video was reportedly taken on a significant day which was Pohela Boishakh, the Bengali New Year’s Day. Now you must be thinking why are netizens angry after watching this video and what were the student and teacher doing that makes them the subject of discussion and hate?

Rajuk Viral Video Scandal Teacher Student Tripty Rahman Viral Video Appeared on Social Media

Reports indicate that the teacher and student were recorded in a strange position. Both are seen performing an immoral act that is not supposed to occur between a teacher and a student. The video was first posted on Facebook, but soon after it went viral on other platforms as well. It is now also available to view on Twitter and Instagram. There are many people who want to know about the student and teacher seen in the video. Other than that, it is not known who posted this video, however, netizens are demanding strict action against both of them and want the teacher to be fired from his duties.

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