Viral video: the boy could not recognize his mother after makeup; divided internet

She tries to persuade her son to hug her and at the same time tries to convince him that she is not his mother.

Imagine having a complete makeover and then going outside to ask a friend how you look after getting ready to go somewhere. But wait, what if you ask your own child? What if she doesn’t respond at all, but simply doesn’t acknowledge that she is your mother and not someone else? But now, a viral video of a young woman saying no to her mother because she is her mother is drawing a lot of attention online.

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In this widely shared video, a little boy is crying, and his mother is the reason why he cries this way. The woman repeatedly persuaded him that she was his mother. The boy made fun of that and made an effort to run away, but the mother insisted, laughing: “I am your mother.” As the video progresses, another woman also tries to explain the same concept to the young man. The woman in the video is seen sporting glamorous cosmetics while she wears traditional clothing. She tries to persuade her son to hug her and at the same time tries to convince him that she is not her mother.

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@visagesalon1, a verified member on the social network, posted this video there. Furthermore, they added a caption that read, “Bacha bol raha hai, mumma kaha hai,” while uploading the video. Shortly after the video was posted online, it received a huge amount of likes from people all over the world, along with a lot of praise.

Even one of the users said, “Bacha chhodo spouse bhi nai pehchante makeup utaarne ke baad ke ‘yahi ladki thi kya? Even the husband would not be able to identify his wife (thus leaving the child). Another user said, “Why Did you put on so much makeup that the child couldn’t recognize you?” One more person commented, “Parlor ka kamal (Wonders of a Beauty Parlor)!”

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