Virgin Pure Home installation: easy, fast and free

Virgin Pure Home Installation

Our water systems require specialized expertise for installation. For this reason, each installation is carried out by our own trained engineers. In addition, it ensures that we can verify your warranty. Our expert installation of Virgin Pure water is always included in our prices, so there are no sneaky extra charges. To enjoy pure tap water, your water system must be connected to the mains. This is done via a slim flexible tube and smart isolation valve, which means it won’t affect your water supply or other appliances. To find out more about how our delivery and installation process works, please watch our informative video which should hopefully explain everything about the process.

The Virgin Pure domestic water system is designed to give you hot or cold filtered pure water at the push of a button. It also has a variety of smart features; like a hands-free autofill feature, an energy-saving sleep mode that adapts to your lifestyle, and over 50 temperature settings so you can tailor them to your exact preferences. It really is a nifty system that I know will soon be in every home. So you may not NEED a Virgin Pure, but boy, I think that stat makes it obvious that this is a fabulous health and cooking aid. And what impetus it will bring for the well-being of all family members.

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Virgin Pure Home Installation Details

What to expect when installing during the Virgin Pure installation process?

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Choose a location for your water system

Choose a location for your new water system. It should be 1.5 meters from a power outlet and 12 meters from the mains water, which is usually behind a dishwasher or under the sink.

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Connect to the water network

To connect a thin flexible tube to the water supply, we typically drill a hole just 6 millimeters in diameter through the kitchen counter.

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Using a nifty shutoff valve won’t affect any of your other pipes or machines.

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Configure to your exact preferences

Our engineer will help you set up your new Virgin Pure Water system after the plumbing work is complete.

This includes changing settings to your favorite temperatures, setting autofill levels, changing sleep and wake times, and for the most part, ensuring it works exactly the way you need it to.

Virgin Pure Home Installation FAQ

Can I install Virgin Pure myself?

Only one of our technicians is qualified to install a pure virgin water system. They have received specialized training and are quite knowledgeable. To ensure your warranty is honored, your system must be professionally installed.

How does Virgin Pure connect?

One of Virgin Pure’s fully qualified professionals installs your Virgin Pure domestic water system and connects it to your main water supply. The UV lamp needs to be replaced every 12 months and the system only needs to change the filter every 6 months.

Does Virgin charge for installation?

When you need our equipment to connect to our services, you can choose how they are provided to you. We do not charge any cost for the installation of Quackster. We do not charge shipping costs if you opt for the convenience of Click and Collect at your neighborhood Collect Plus store.

How is Virgin Fiber installed?

From our underground network to the cable entry point outside your home, we ran a cable. We will run a cable to your Virgin Media Hub for Virgin Broadband. Be sure to bring a computer or laptop with an Ethernet jack or wireless capability on your designated day.

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