Vogue names the trans cyclist as the only athlete on the ’25 powerful women’ list

Welsh cyclist Emily Bridges, a trans woman, was the only sports figure included in British Vogue magazine’s list of 25 “Powerful Women” in its September issue, and the decision sparked debate on social media.

According to the outlet, the list typically honors the women who “define (and redefine) Britain” by “driving British society forward.”

“This year’s roster is not only dazzlingly impressive, but is also made up of trailblazers who found success entirely on their own terms,” ​​the article said.

Bridges, 22, appeared among the list of models, authors, members of the Royal Family and fellow activists as the only athlete best known for fighting for the inclusion of trans athletes after the British Cycling Federation banned them from competing. in women’s events.

“It’s very scary right now, but I really believe we will win,” she said, according to the Vogue article.

The magazine’s abstract on Bridges also revealed that she donates muscle samples to Loughborough University research to help identify whether biological male athletes have an advantage over biological females.

Criticizing the choice of X, former Olympian Mara Yamauchi wrote: “There are so many fabulous athletes in Budapest right now competing in the World Championships in Athletics.

British Vogue named transgender cyclist Emily Bridges to a list of 25 “powerful women.” Mike Marsland/Wire Image
Bridges was the only athlete included on the magazine's list.Bridges was the only athlete included on the magazine’s list. Photo by Huw Fairclough/Getty Images

“In other sports too, thousands of fabulous @BritishVogue athletes could have chosen. Instead, they chose a man.”

Amanda Platell, a columnist for The Daily Mail, questioned whether the selection was a “bad joke” and wrote: “British Vogue names trans cyclist Emily Bridges on its list of 25 ‘powerful’ women. She’s a guy who competes against women! Meanwhile, international Olympians are ignored. Emily is not an elite athlete, she was born a man. She some power”.

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However, some supported the decision, with one fan writing: “This is sensational… The ultimate recognition, acceptance and inclusion. “Their brave fight for justice is far from over and, armed with genuine science, this trans voice will finally be heard.”

British Vogue wrote that the list includes "trailblazers finding success entirely on their own terms."British Vogue wrote that the list includes “trailblazers who find success entirely on their own terms.” Photo by Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images

Another called the Vogue article “great” and added: “I wish cisgender people would recognize this, not just trans people who are fighting for our ability to exist in this sporting structure.”

Fox News Digital contacted British Vogue for comment but did not receive a response in time for publication.

In a separate op-ed published in Vogue, Bridges blamed inherent “injustice.”[ness] of sports” because of the outrage over trans athletes.

Bridges particularly fought for transgender people to compete in the British Cycling Federation's women's events after the federation banned them.Bridges notably fought for trans people to compete in the British Cycling Federation’s women’s events after the federation banned them.Photo by Huw Fairclough/Getty Images

“That is why there are winners and losers. Competitors are divided into categories so that everyone has a reasonable chance of winning, but the reality is that the playing field is never completely level to begin with,” she said. “All athletes have different levels of endurance and physical capacity, which is why we train tirelessly.”

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