WATCH: Alex Murdaugh’s Kennel Video Snapchat Video Apparently Debunked Alex Murdaugh’s Alibi

Sometimes video plays an important role in investigating the matter. As it helps the police to get more details about the crime and sometimes provides evidence of the suspect. One such video is going viral on social media and generating a lot of traction. People use a lot of keywords to find the video and these keywords are “Kennel Video Murdaugh”, “Boat Crash” and “Alex Murdaugh Kennel Video”. All these searches began after the Murdaugh family, which resides in South Carolina, went public. Alex Murdaugh, the state’s famed attorney, was recently accused of hiring a hitman to commit suicide in an attempt to obtain a $10 million life insurance policy.

Alex Murdaugh Kennel Video Snapchat Video

Alex Murdaugh Kennel Video Snapchat Video

This is not the only thing that was in the news, other factors are also generating a lot of controversy on social networks. In recent years, the family has been embroiled in numerous controversies, some of which have been caught on camera. Now, these videos have been posted on the web and are getting a lot of attention. People share these videos with each other and search for more information about it. We understand the curiosity of the people and that is why we are present here to share information about it. To find out, keep scrolling through this blog.

Alex Murdaugh’s Kennel Video

This viral video recently appeared on the social media app that is widely used by the youth and that is Snapchat. Someone saved this video and posted it online that saw Alex Murdaugh slurring his words and claiming to have run off the road. The video was recorded at a kennel owned by the Murdaugh family, where Alex Paul’s son kept his dogs. Alex reportedly claimed to have fallen asleep at the wheel and left the road, but no serious accident or accident of any kind was reported.

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This video has been widely shared by users on social networks, and several have speculated that Alex was intoxicated and that is why he is behaving in this way. This video was recorded in the year 2019, Paul Murdaugh, Alex’s son, uploaded the video to Snapchat and saw him and his friends making fun of privileges and also using racial slurs. However, the video was removed from social media, but it was too late because people had already made it viral. This video sparked a public outcry, with several calling for Paul to be brought to justice for his actions. The controversy was brief, however, as Paul was later killed in the double murder mystery.

Alex Murdaugh Kennel Video Snapchat Video

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