What do the 5 stars of the Honduran Flag represent?

The National Flag of Honduras is one of the major national symbols and the elements that make it up have meaning, even the 5 stars in the center.

Each patriotic symbol has been detailed and explained in schools, however, it is important to emphasize its meaning and finally know what the 5 stars of the Honduran Flag represent?

On September 1 of each year, the National Flag Day of Honduras is celebrated and this marks the beginning of patriotic and civic holidays in the country, which is why it is considered the most important patriotic symbol.

Under the presidency of Carlos Roberto Reina, it was developed through Legislative Decree No. 84-95 of May 23, 1993, it was decreed that Flag Day in Honduras would be celebrated every September 1.

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What do the 5 stars represent?

The flag of Honduras has five stars in the center, they are turquoise blue, as well as the two stripes it has on the upper and lower level and finally, a white stripe in the center.

With the arrival of the new government, Honduras will return to the legitimate colors of the National Flag » Criterio.hnFive stars in the center.

These five stars represent these five Central American countries: Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

Likewise, the blue stripes represent the sky and the two seas that bathe the country’s coasts, in the Atlantic and Pacific, and values ​​such as justice, loyalty, brotherhood, strength, sweetness, courage, love. fraternal.

The blue stripe represents peace, purity, integrity, obedience, kindness, faith that must prevail in every Honduran.

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What do the colors of the Honduran Flag mean?  A simple explanation |  your noteThe change of colors of the flag.

It is important to mention that for many years the Flag of Honduras used the incorrect shade of blue. It was not until 2022 that, by order of the current president, Xiomara Castro, the true official color of the Honduran flag began to be used.

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