What Happened To Ben Fields Friend Martyn Smith? Where Is Martyn Smith Now?

Martyn Smith, a magician hailing from Cornwall, faced accusations of being an accomplice to the murderer Ben Field. It was alleged that Martyn collaborated with Ben in carrying out the murder of Peter and was part of a conspiracy to murder Ann. Martyn and Ben were friends, and according to the claims, Ben deceived Peter, a retired teacher, into a false relationship and eventually moved into his home. At Ben’s urging, Martyn, who had been a former student of Peter Farquhar at the University of Buckingham, became a lodger in Peter’s residence. Additionally, Martyn also lived in the homes of potential victims Ann Moore-Martin and Liz Zettl, both of whom were associated with Ben. Despite the circumstances, Martyn vehemently denied having any knowledge of Ben’s relationship with Peter or any awareness of his deceitful intentions toward Peter. According to Martyn, he had no idea about Ben’s malicious activities and maintained his innocence concerning the accusations brought against him.

What Happened To Ben Fields Friend Martyn Smith?

Martyn Smith faced charges alongside Field for the murder of Peter Farquhar and conspiracy to murder Ann Moore-Martin. Additionally, he was accused of fraud and one count of burglary. However, in a later verdict, Smith was found not guilty of all charges. During the trial, evidence presented to the jurors revealed that Field’s primary motive for the crimes was “financial gain.” In contrast, Smith appeared to be under the influence of Field’s manipulations, becoming “greedy” and captivated by him. Smith acknowledged during the court proceedings that he sought counseling for a brief period following Peter Farquhar’s death, feeling the need to talk to someone about the situation. One notable point discussed during the trial was a bottle of whiskey that Smith had left at Peter Farquhar’s residence, explaining that it did not fit in his rucksack. He expressed remorse for leaving it there and took some responsibility for the unfolding events.

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Martyn Smith has deliberately kept a low profile following his trial, where he was acquitted of all charges. Initially, Martyn faced serious accusations related to the murder of Peter Farquhar and a conspiracy to harm Ann Moore-Martin, his neighbor. Additionally, he was charged alongside Ben Field with multiple counts of fraud and one count of burglary. The evidence presented to the jury suggested that Martyn seemed “enthralled” by Ben and showed a strong interest in gaining financial advantages from the situation. It came to light that he had received £10,000 from Peter’s will. Nevertheless, despite these allegations, Martyn was eventually found not guilty on all charges. During the trial, Martyn openly shared that he sought counseling to cope with the aftermath of Peter’s death, highlighting the significance of discussing his emotions and thoughts during such a challenging period. Since the trial’s conclusion, Martyn has made a conscious decision to maintain a private life, steering clear of public attention. His acquittal marked the end of a tumultuous phase in his life, and he prefers to maintain his privacy as he moves forward after the legal proceedings.

Martyn Smith resided with Ben Field, Peter Farquhar, and Ann Moore-Martin, as Ben had convinced them to let him move in. In the BBC drama “The Sixth Commandment,” Martyn, portrayed by actor Conor MacNeill, is depicted as being intrigued by the convicted murderer Ben Field, and their friendship takes center stage. After Ben successfully persuaded Peter Farquhar to modify his will and leave his estate to him, Martyn also received £10,000. However, the magician asserted that he had no prior knowledge of being named a beneficiary in the will. Regarding Ben and Peter’s relationship, Martyn claimed that he perceived it as “unusual but perfectly consensual,” seemingly unaware of the sinister manipulations that were taking place. During the trial, Martyn was questioned about a bottle of whiskey he had left at Peter’s home because it didn’t fit in his rucksack. Later, it was revealed that Ben had secretly laced Peter’s food and drinks with alcohol and drugs. Tragically, Peter’s lifeless body was discovered next to a glass of whiskey. When asked if he felt guilty about leaving the alcohol behind and if he blamed himself, Martyn expressed feelings of guilt and acknowledged a sense of responsibility for the events that transpired.

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