What happened to Marlene Santana Benítez? Is it true that she died in an accident?

On social networks they wonder what happened to Marlene Benítez, because several claim that the influencer nicknamed “La Puñetona” died.

What happened to Marlene Santana Benítez? is the question of many users on Tiktok, because videos claim that the influencer died.

The cause of her death was a car accident, “Today she died in a traffic accident, this after being chased by two FBI agents, and then deported to her country,” the recording states.

Did Marlene “La Puñetona” Benítez die?

The news that the Mexican influencer died is a lie because her relatives have not provided a statement about it.

The Tiktok account @Catalinalamasviral0 was responsible for making the false death of Marlene Santana Benítez viral, making users wonder what happened to her in the comments.

As is known, Benítez is the sister-in-law of Yahritza, singer of the Mexican group Yahritza y su Esencia and in one of the recordings she mentions the singer’s alleged statements.

In which, he supposedly stated that they had not had a close relationship as sisters-in-law, but that he was going to miss her.

And sometimes, what makes these videos credible for Internet users is the mention of the narrator, because he claims that he is a Telemundo journalist.

Furthermore, this is not the first time that this account has created rumors of death, the most recent being the death of Nayib Bukele, president of El Salvador, players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, among others.

Who is Marlene Benitez Santana?

Marlene Santana Benítez is a 37-year-old influencer and tiktoker, known on social networks with the nickname “La Puñetona”

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Additionally, on his Tiktok account he has more than 200 thousand followers, with whom he shares a variety of content.

However, in her past Santana has a scandal, due to the leak of an intimate video, of which it is unknown if the influencer provided statements.

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