What is 2S in train booking? What you need to know before starting your IRCTCTrain reservation

2S In Train Reservation: In train reservation, what is 2S? Are 2S, second seat, and below average seat equivalent? Before you start your IRCTC train reservation, please review the important information.

Indian Rail lines have given out a list of trains and the appointments for these trains will start on July 1st. The trains would be fully assembled and include AC mentors. Passengers can select their seat according to their preferences. In addition, general mentor seats will be reserved. Find out what 2S means in terms of scheduling and prep booking by reading on.

2S on train reservation

Two-stage, or 2S, reservations are a common way to book train travel. Passengers can choose to purchase tickets on the day of travel or book them in advance with this booking type. By buying your tickets in advance, you can not only guarantee a seat but also save money. 2S is the way to go if you are new to the world of rail travel or need to book a lot of tickets.

The letter S indicates second seat or second seat in train seats. The seats are supported by benches. This coach does not allow passengers to sleep because there are no seats and it is a sit-down arrangement. There are some seats in the 2S minority seating area, but there are three neighbors on each side of the 2S majority seating area.

2s in train reservation details

2S on train reservation

There are a variety of seats available in Indian trains. You could, for example, travel to your destination in an air-conditioned or sleeper coach. The price of your train tickets is determined by the type of seat.

A berth on a train, for example, will cost more. It is important to be aware of the different seating options available on trains. Depending on their preferences, they can select any train seat. You may be familiar with the 2S function of the train. Read on to learn more about the features of the 2S used on trains.

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Know before you start

There are many seating options on Indian trains. Sleeper coaches and air-conditioned coaches, for example, are options. The type of seat you choose will influence the cost of your train tickets. A sleeper on a train, for example, will cost more than an air-conditioned sleeper. It is essential to know the different types of seats and their characteristics when traveling by train. They can select any seat they want on a train based on their preferences. You may be familiar with 2S by train? Learn more about the properties of the 2S by train by reading on.

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Understanding 2S in trains

On Indian Railways, the second class of passenger seats is known as 2S. This class of seats has benches for your seats. In class 2S the seats can be joined or slightly separated. Also, 2S class seats may or may not have cushions. Many train passengers reserve a 2S seat because this class is in the reserved section. The lowest reserved class on Indian trains is 2S class, also known as second seated class.

2S Ticket Booking AC Chair Car should not be confused with the one on trains. The AC Chair Car also has seats and the trains are also air conditioned. 2S will not provide air conditioning for passengers, but you will have access to additional essential amenities if you travel in 2S class. Class 2S has a charging station, bathroom, reading light, fan, emergency exit window and other amenities. On some trains there is a 2S class with a small table for passengers. General carriages and 2S class are not to be confused on Indian trains.

You must reserve your seat in advance in Booking class 2S. It is possible to make online reservations for 2S seats, which are usually benches. A 2S seat on a train has no sleeping capacity because it is only used for sitting. For a short trip of 4-5 hours, it is a good option. If you need to sleep during long trips, you can book an air-conditioned bed. The seating arrangement in 2S coaches is usually 33. Also, almost 2S mentors can have 3*2 seating configuration. Some trains do not require a 2S car. For example, ANVT Hums afar (12595) lacks 2S trainer. You can search for a 2S seat on the train before traveling or make a reservation.

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Are 2S seats and general seats the same?

On trains there are general and 2S seats. On some trains there is still a distinction between 2S seats and general seats, even though the seats appear identical. While general seats on a train are not reserved, the second seat is reserved for a particular class. For example, when purchasing a general train ticket you do not receive a seat number. You can sit anywhere in the general carriages with a general ticket. However, if you book a 2S seat on the train, you will be assigned a specific seat number. Only you can use the reserved seat 2S on the train. If you have to travel a long distance, do not travel in general class because it could be very crowded.


The ability to conduct business online using the Indian Railways PRS system is the only service provided by IRCTC. Indian Railway’s booking and booking policies apply to all such transactions, and online bookings are subject to additional restrictions. The particular conditions and terms of service that apply to online reservations are detailed in this document.

Laws and regulations promulgated by the government govern IRCTC’s compliance with this agreement. The IRCTC’s right to respond to requests from law enforcement agencies regarding your use of this website or the data it collects or receives about your use is not affected by this agreement. To resolve disputes or complaints about the Website, you agree that the IRCTC may, in its sole discretion, disclose information about how you use the Website to regulators, law enforcement or any other third party.

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ticket reservation

The first day to purchase tickets is 120 days before the date of travel (not including the date of travel) from the train station where you start your trip. Please note that some intercity day trains have an ARP (Advance Reservation Period) of less than sixty days. Tatkal bookings are accepted one day before the scheduled departure date of the train from the originating station. For example, booking will start if the train is scheduled to depart from Tatkal departure station.

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What is the rate for class 2S?

What is the cost of 2S seats on the train? 2S seats have the lowest prices. For example, sleeper tickets from Delhi to Lucknow are usually around INR 350 while 2S seats are usually around INR 175 per ticket. The cost of 2S seats in any train can be checked through an online ticketing platform. When traveling short distances, passengers prefer 2S seats. Reserve your seat now on the 2S train.

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2S in train reservations Frequently asked questions

Is 2S AC or not AC?

2S is a non-AC coach class, which is the cheapest class to travel on Indian Railways. This class is common on most Intercity and Janshatabdi day trains. 2S can be reserved or not reserved. For reserved coaches of category 2S, they are equipped with 3X3 type chair seats.

Is 2S and no reservation the same?

Class 2S (2nd session) can be booked online using irctc.com, but 2S is not the same as the general compartment. 2S means Second Seating, it is a reserved class and your ticket will have your seat number, it is not the same as General Compartment which is Unreserved Class (UR).

Is 2S a general seat?

Are 2S seats and general seats the same? There are 2S and general seats in the trains. Although the seats on some trains may look the same, there is still a distinction between 2S seats and general seats. On a train, the second seat is reserved for a specific class, while the general seat is not reserved.

Is the second session comfortable?

However, in this class there is no sleeping accommodation. The fans are used to cool the carriages. In conclusion, it is a safer and more comfortable way to travel compared to unreserved General class, which is best avoided if possible.

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