Who are the parents of Constance Marten? Meet father Napier Marten and mother

Napier Anthony Sturt Marten and his ex-wife Virginie are the parents of Constance Marten. You will get complete details about the parents of Constance Marten in this article. Continue reading for more information.

Who is Constance Marten?

Constance Marten is a young woman who was born to Napier and Virginie. Constance Marten and her partner disappeared for a few days. They were found a few days later. They gave birth to a boy. The boy was still missing. The police have started the investigation. He has been reported missing. She belongs to a wealthy family. Let’s have more details about Constance Marten’s parents.

Constance Marten and Mark Gordon

Details about the parents of Constance Marten, Napier Anthony Sturt Marten and Virginie Charlotte Camu:

Napier and Virginie married and gave birth to Constance Marten. Both later separated. Constance Marten and her partner along with her baby disappeared. They faced an incident two days before they disappeared. Her car catches fire. They left the burning car. Napier Marten is said to be a producer according to his Instagram bio. He is becoming popular after the incident. People want to know more about him.

His LinkedIn profile lists him as the founder and trustee of the Misrthquake Foundation. He helps people to have a healthy life. His mother was also a trustee of the British Museum. His grandmother was the queen’s mother. Napier’s father also worked as a commander in the Royal Navy. He clearly shows that she belongs to a wealthy family background. The boy is said to be missing for a few days. The police started the investigation.

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Constance Marten and Mark Gordon

Where are Constance Marten and Gordon?

On Monday, February 27, 2023, Constance Marten and her partner were arrested. An individual reported that she has seen them at the location where the boy is said to have disappeared. They were also observed to be hiding from the police. They found them camping in a blue tent in different places so they wouldn’t get caught. They were located in Bolton moving towards Liverpool. After that they were located in Harwich in Essex and Newhaven in Sussex.

martha constanzaConstance Marten’s father, Napier Marte

Constance enters into a relationship with Gordon in 2016. He was imprisoned for twenty years for rape. He has been accused of assaulting a 14-year-old girl. Both are disconnected from the family. He was sent to Britain in 2010. The boy’s parents were arrested. They will appear for a hearing later.

Constance Marten and Mark Gordon

The verdict will be shared after the hearing. They are in custody.

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