Who is Brent Draper? ‘MasterChef Australia’ crowns Brent Draper as winner

Many reality shows come and go, but only a few remain on the viewing list. There are different kinds of genres available to watch and also people love to watch reality shows based on cooking. No one can deny the fact that they do not like to eat good and delicious food. Food is not our basic need but also a means of joy. Food can change anyone’s mood and sometimes brings back good memories. Well, because of that, there are a lot of cooking based reality shows being broadcast that show lots of delicious and delicious dishes.

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Who is Brent Draper? Winner Masterchef Australia 2023

From being a hobby to a good source of income, a passion for cooking brings good fortune and enthusiasm among many people. These reality shows have even changed the mindset of those people who think that cooking is made only for girls or women but we all know that most of the best chefs in the world are men. Many great restaurants and eating places are run by these chefs who not only gain fame but also generate good fortune with their passion. Even many reality shows are giving opportunities to many young or experienced chefs who want a good platform to show their culinary art.

One such reality show is the talk of the town after dropping the name of the winner of the show. Yes, you are right we are talking about the winner of “MasterChef Australia 2023”. This program has recently ended and has announced the name of the winner. Those people who were watching the show already know the name of the winner, but those who weren’t following are surely eager to find out. The winner of MasterChef Australia 2023 is all over the internet and people are sending him congratulatory messages. The contestant who lifts the winning trophy is Brent Draper.

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brent draperBrent Draper with his wife and son

However, it is not the first time that he has appeared on the show, even in 2021 he participated in the show, but sadly he withdrew at that time. But now she made a brilliant comeback and lifted the show trophy. The show has crowned the winner with returning contestants and along with it gets a grand cash prize that is around $250,000. Although the cooking battle in the last race was not easy as Brent was up against Rhiannon Anderson who is a brilliant chef. But with her different culinary skills, she manages to impress the judges and come out as the winner. Townsville fans are surely saddened by Anderson’s loss but happy by Draper’s win.

His fans send him congratulatory messages on his win and are eager to know that if he managed to win this show, why did he retire in 2021? Now, he has shared the reason why he withdrew in the 2021 season. He said that at the time the pressures of competition and being away from family created an adverse effect on his mental health, but now he is happy to make them feel proud. Brent’s family appeared in the final episode of the show and his father confessed that he was quite nervous about his son’s return to the competition, but now he is happy to have become the winner of the show.

His father said: “After the last time, I thought, you have to be careful, friend. He was worried about how he would do this time and hoped that his mental health would be good, but now I am happy that he won the show and performed very well. I’m so proud of him.” Those who watched the last episode know that, for their first round of cooking, the first challenge was assigned by judge Melissa Leong in which the payouts had to work to create “a dish that tells a story.” It was quite a tough challenge since the contestant was supposed to narrate a story but not with words but through food.

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In this round, winner Draper cooked a pork chop dish with a tamarind-ketchup glaze and tossed it with sauce and roasted cabbage. The judges were very impressed with his dish and called it perfectly executed. Judge Andy Allen was speechless and congratulated with a round of applause. He got 29 points out of 30 in the 1st challenge. The mother-of-five cooked crispy pork belly with citrus caramel, fennel and complemented it with crispy shallots and orange salad. Her dish also impressed the judges with Andy calling the dish the “sexiest dish”. However, the taste of the dish did not surpass Draper’s dish and Rhiannon scored 25 out of 30. The judges noted that she had been a bit stingy with the sauce which affected her dish. The next round was also tough, but in the end, Brent managed to win this season’s title.

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