Who is Inderdeep Singh Gosal? Paul Schmidt Vancouver killer stabbed to death in Canada

Vancouver Stabbing Video Twitter

Another video is trending on Twitter and it shows a horrible scene that will scare you. This incident happened a few days ago in Canada and the citizens of the country are scared after this incident. Another reason for this news to be in the spotlight is that the suspect is linked to the Khalistan movement. The report states that a man of Indian origin who has citizenship in Canada made headlines after he committed a serious crime that resulted in the death of someone. According to newspapers and the media in the year 2023, a man is arrested for fatally stabbing a man outside a Starbucks in downtown Vancouver. The suspect is identified as Inderdeep Singh Gosal and this incident sparked controversy around the world.

Who is Inderdeep Singh Gosal?

On Tuesday, March 28, 2023, a 32-year-old man of Indian origin identified as Inderdeep Singh Gosal reportedly fatally stabbed 37-year-old Paul Stanley Schmidt after their brief fight. The incident occurred outside of Starbucks Cafe at West Pender and Granville Street on the evening of Sunday March 26, 2023. Video related to this incident appeared on the web and went viral. As we mentioned above, the suspect is linked to the Khalistan movement. This movement is happening to create a separate Sikh homeland in India.

Reports indicate that the video of the incident went viral on social media platforms and brought this news into the spotlight. People can easily find this video on Twitter using the suspect’s name. The suspect was born in India but in his early childhood immigrated to Canada along with his family. In viral video footage of the incident, the victim can be seen lying in a pool of blood outside Starbucks coffee and with the help of this evidence, the police arrested the suspect and kept him in custody.

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Who is Inderdeep Singh Gosal? Paul Schmidt Vancouver killer stabbed to death in Canada

Vancouver Twitter stabbing video

Reports indicate that Gosal is known to be an active member of the Sikh community in Vancouver and was linked to many Khalistani groups in the past. The suspect was reportedly linked to Babbar Khalsa International (BKI), a banned terrorist organization in India that is believed to have been responsible for many acts of violence and crime in the nation. Apart from that, Gosal was also a supporter of the Khalistan Movement, which seeks to establish an independent Sikh state in India. On March 26, 2018, the suspect got into a fight with Paul Stanley Schmidt.

Vancouver Twitter stabbing video

Outlookers claims that during an argument outside a Starbucks in downtown Vancouver, the suspect stabbed the victim multiple times before fleeing the scene of the crime. Schmidt was instantly admitted to the hospital, however the doctor pronounced him dead and he succumbed to his injuries. As soon as the police found out about the incident, they immediately sprang into action and were taken into custody by the Vancouver Police Department and charged with second degree murder. Gosal was in custody for many months before his trial began.

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