Who Is Omar Ayala? Former Okeechobee High School teacher arrested accused of sex with teen

On Monday, July 24, former Okeechobee High School teacher Omar Ayala was arrested for having an affair with a young girl. Ayala was arrested by police shortly after arriving at Orlando airport from Mexico. He is facing a felony for having sex with a minor. Authorities have been searching for Omar Ayala since April. However, he reportedly got help from his friend Arturo Dominguez, the mayor of Osceola County, and accused him of being outspoken Dominguez was later fired and arrested for abusing his job to help the suspect. in 2020, the mother of the alleged victim complained about Omar Ayala to the Okeechobee School Board. The mother alleged that Ayala, who was approximately 28 years old at the time, spoke inappropriately to the victim. Ayala was subsequently banned from speaking to the victim as well as coaching girls’ sports at school.

Who Is Omar Ayala?

The Okeechobee Sheriff acknowledged that the case had been filed before but was not a crime at the time. At an undisclosed period, the mother also notified the Okeechobee Sheriff’s Office of her allegations against Omar Ayala. In 2023, authorities determined they had gathered enough evidence to indict the high school coach at the time. Stevens spoke about this in June. Sheriff Stevens said: “It is simply an offense for adults who are supposed to be teaching and educating children in school to take advantage of their custodial position.”However, they soon discover that Ayala has been a close friend of Arturo Dominguez, the then Deputy Sheriff of Osceola. Dominguez allegedly searched the sheriff’s office database for any traces of Ayala’s name before authorities took him into custody. The former officer was charged after authorities learned of Dominguez’s relationship with an alleged rapist. Dominguez faces four charges, including a prior count of complicity in the abuse of a minor.

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Omar Ayala

Sheriff Stephen commented on Dominguez’s supposed role in helping the suspected hunter. He said: His participation did not help us and made it even more difficult. According to reports, after this news, Omar Ayala fled to Mexico for an unknown period of time. He was the subject of investigations involving the Okeechobee Sheriff’s Department, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Border Protection Agency. Sheriff Stephen emphasized the critical importance of community input during the search process. The sheriff’s office did not say how long Ayala had been in Mexico or what prompted him to return. Okeechobee and Osceola counties are located in central Florida, stretching from Lake Okeechobee north to Orlando.

Omar Ayala

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