Who is Oommen Chandy’s wife Mariamma Ummen? family and children

Mariamma Ummen, wife of Oommen Chandy, is mourning the loss of her husband, who passed away at the age of 79. This is what she needs to know about her marriage. Mariamma Ummen is the wife of the late Indian statesman and politician Oommen Chandy. Chandy, her husband, was the 10th Chief Minister of Kerala from 2004 to 2006 and again from 2011 to 2016. Apart from that, Chandy held multiple positions and contributed to various offices. He was also the Leader of the Opposition in the Kerala Legislative Assembly from 2006 to 2011. Chandy represented the Puthuppally constituency as an MLA in the State Assembly, from 1970 until his death. People on the internet are now eager to know about his personal life, following his tragic death on July 18, 2023. Who is Oommen Chandy’s wife Mariamma Ummen? Family and children:

Oommen Chandy wife and relatives

Mariamma Ummen is the wife of Oommen Chandy. For a long time, they were married. As of now, there are no details available on the internet about Ummen’s professional and personal life. It is not possible to mention what she does for a living, due to that lack of information. Other than that, she Mariamma became the center of attention after she married Oomen. It can be said that they officially became husband and wife a long time ago, but it is not clear when they got married. Mariamma talked about her husband’s first love in 2020. After arranging her wedding, Mariamma received a letter from Chandy.

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oommen chandy wife

In the letter, she was surprised by two lines that read: “It’s election time, keep me in your prayers.” Mariamma was unaware of Chandy’s political career, during that time. Chandy won the election and became a minister and his wedding was also delayed. Also, they got married and came a long way, later. Ummen and Chandy have been together through every step of their lives. Oommen Chandy and his wife Mariamma Ummen were married for a long time and being married for many years, the duo had also started a family of their own. They welcomed three children named Chandy Oommen, Maria Oommen, and Achu Oommen. All of them are established in their own fields and are doing quite well.

Oommen Chandy wife and relatives

Meanwhile, they are mourning the loss of their father, who recently passed away. Chandy’s son was the first to break the news via a Facebook post that left everyone devastated. The family is also receiving condolence messages on the Internet. When it comes to the subject of her personal affairs, more information about the other members of her family is not clear, as Oommen was a private person.

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