Who was Chris Weippeart, the father of Kiesha Weippeart? What happened to Chris Weippeart?

In this article we are going to talk about Chris Weippeart and Kiesha Weippart. His case is very mysterious. This case is viral on the internet right now. This theme is trending on all social media platforms. Now people want to know everything about this murder case. So, read the entire article till the end to know everything about this case.

Who was Chris Weippeart, the father of Kiesha Weippeart?

After Kiesha was reported missing, Abrahams and Smith gained notoriety for their fervent public appeals. This prompted an extensive search of western Sydney. Kristi Abrahams and Robert Smith were arrested as a result of an undercover investigation by the New South Wales Police. Chris Weippeart is the biological father of Kiesha Weippeart. The girl’s father passed away in November 2012. He passed away naturally.

What happened to Chris Weippeart?

What happened to Chris Weippeart?

CHRIS Weippeart, the biological father of alleged murder victim Kiesha Weippeart, has been found dead at his home in western Sydney. Mr Weippeart’s 29-year-old mother discovered him dead at her home in Tregear. Chris had gone to bed, but Kiesha’s grandmother told police that she hadn’t woken up the next morning. On the day of Kiesha Weippeart’s seventh birthday, Kristi Anne Abrahams, Kiesha’s mother, and Robert Smith (Kristi’s boyfriend) were accused of killing Kiesha.

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For the next eight months, they assumed she had vanished from home. However, NSW Police have launched an undercover investigation into the Abrahams-Smith couple following a lengthy investigation into the matter.

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Kiesha Weippeart’s mother, Kristi Abrahams, reported her missing to police on August 1, 2010. Kristi claimed she last saw her six-year-old daughter the night before while she was putting her to bed at home. The six-year-old daughter actually passed away on July 13, 2010. Abrahams reportedly knocked her unconscious by not putting on her pajamas. Kiesha was put to sleep and then passed away. The girl did not receive medical attention. The little victim’s body was hidden by Kristi and her partner, Robert Smith, before being burned and buried in western Sydney.

The bones of the 6-year-old boy were discovered in April 2011 by authorities in Shalvey, a suburb in western Sydney. Additionally, autopsy results on the young woman’s body showed that she had died as a result of long-term physical abuse. Kisha Weippeart’s stepfather was paroled in April 2023. He currently resides in eastern Sydney, next to a children’s center. The Daily Telegraph said Smith, 43, was first seen on May 16, 2023, after being released from prison after serving 12 years for the death of the young woman. 13 years after dousing his stepdaughter’s body with gasoline and setting it on fire, Robert Smith still hasn’t said “I’m sorry.” Smith was reportedly asked if he would apologize to Kiesha’s family and call an ambulance for her, to which he allegedly replied, “No.” So this was all about this case. Therefore, he should keep an eye on the news from PKB.

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