Who was Eden Knight? Saudi Transgender Woman Suicide After Family Pressure

Despite the efforts of the LGBTQ+ community, the mindset of many people has still not changed. It’s not easy to change the mindset that it doesn’t matter how far we’ve come, but still, most of the thinking is the same people and they continue to criticize members of the LGBTQ+ community. Despite this, they are accepting their identity in front of the world but the support of the family is the most important thing. However, still, the mentality of their families is conservative and they are suppressing their own children and forcing them to live a life of lies.

Who was Eden Knight?

A recent case has appeared that proves this that despite how far we progress, our mentality is still the same orthodoxy that forced the person to take their own life. The deceased identified as Eden Knight committed suicide after her family pressured her to abandon the transition. Eden Knight’s disappearance flooded the web after she posted a suicide note on Twitter. Her suicide note has drawn many eyes and people feel sad for her. After reading her suicide note, people ask a lot of questions and seek to know about it.

knight of eden

The Police Department has been investigating the case and one of Knight’s friends mentioned that she thinks he is dead. Knight was originally from South Arabia, but she completed her studies at an American high school in suburban Washington, DC. Several people have wanted to know the truth behind her death to come to light. The case has been filed and the investigation is ongoing, the news is fresh. The report states that a 23-year-old transgender woman named Eden Knight was residing in the United States. Before her disappearance, Knight posted what appears to be a suicide note online, in which she accused her family of pressuring her to transition.

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knight of eden

According to the post shared by the transgender woman, her family reportedly hired “fixers” and a Washington DC-based lawyer to help her with her return to Saudi Arabia. In Knight’s post, she wrote: “If you’re reading this, I’ve already killed myself.” After the news, another Tweet supposedly belonging to the family of Eden Knight has declared the death of the “young man” with the same legal name. Also, friends of hers said they were unable to contact her for approximately 32 hours. While some people believe that she has died. Although the news of her death has been released, the police cannot discover her final body, and it could be said that it is a case of suicide.

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