Why is Craig Carton leaving WFAN? reason explained

Craig Carton is said to be leaving WFAN. What is the reason for Craif Acrton’s departure? People are curious to know more about the incident. You will get full details about Craig Carton and the possible reason why he left WFAN. Continue reading for more information.

Craig Carton ad: What happened to him?

Craig Carton has recently officially announced his departure from WFAN. It is a famous sports radio station in New York. He used to co-host Evan Roberts on the 2020 show. He will be leaving WFAN at the end of this month. He leaves the show. It is said that the main reason behind his decision is that he wants to spend more time with his family. He also has some new opportunities to focus on. He is also considered one of the best radio hosts in New York. He has a good number of followers. People like his presence on the show. he has shown his gratitude for the time he spent on WFAN. Let’s get more details on Craig Carton and WFAN.

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Why is Craig Carton leaving WFAN?

Craig Carton will leave WFAN at the end of June. He made the announcement of his departure from WFAN on June 15, 2023. He mentioned that he has a deal with Fox Sports, which is also one of the main reasons for his departure. He was a little sad to be leaving WFAN, but he was also excited to join Fox Sports. The main reason he left WFAN is to have a new opportunity to work with Fox Sports. He shared the good times and the memories he had made at the place. He was also having legal trouble and was allegedly responsible for securities and wire fraud in 2017. He was in jail for 1 year. He was released in 2018 and was grateful to WFAN for giving him another chance to come back.

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Currently, a search has been carried out for a new candidate who can fill your vacancy. He is active on Instagram. You can follow him at @officialcraigcarton. He has been the best in his field. The fans are happy for him and wish him the best for the next opportunity. People send him good luck and good wishes. It is said that he has a multi-million dollar contract with Fox Sports. It was about Craig Carton’s WFAN output. We keep bringing such details on our website. Stay tuned for more on his favorite celebrities on our website.

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