Woman behind infamous acrobatic horse show fiasco arrested for hiring hitman to murder husband for $2 million

A California woman known for her role in a failed multi-million dollar horse show that made headlines a decade ago has been charged with trying to hire someone to kill her husband.

Tatyana Remley, 42, was arrested in a sting operation at a Solana Beach Starbucks in early August, about a month after her husband Mark Remley discovered that she had offered a mutual friend $2 million to kill him.

Mr. Remley went to the police himself after learning of the plot from the same friend his ex-wife bribed to kill him.

After the arrest, he also told police that she burned his house to the ground days before trying to stage the attack, Coast News reported.

Ms. Remley is also facing charges for possession of a loaded firearm that is not registered to her.

He faces up to nine years in prison for the murder plot, plus another year for weapons charges.

Tatyana Remley, 42, was arrested in early August for the plotFacebook/Tatyana Remley
Tatyana Remley on horseback with her husband Mark RemleyTatyana Remley on horseback with her husband Mark RemleyFacebook/Tatyana Remley

The incident was just the latest in the couple’s tumultuous 12 years of marriage.

Married in 2011, the Remleys made headlines a year later after they put on an elaborate 45-show, multimillion-dollar equestrian stunt show called Valitar.

However, the show was canceled after just a few performances and its team and artists were left empty-handed.

Over the years, the couple filed for divorce and rekindled the marriage on numerous occasions, with each accusing the other of committing violence against the other.

In her most recent divorce filing in May, Ms. Remley accused her husband of putting a gun to her head in one incident, chasing her around their house with a knife in another and firing a gun in their home during an argument in a third. .

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Ms. Remley also alleged that a friend sexually assaulted her at gunpoint while her husband was present.

Tatyana Remley and her husband lived a high-flying lifeTatyana Remley and her husband lived a high-flying life togetherFacebook/Tatyana Remley
Remley and her husband have filed for divorce on numerous occasions.Remley and her husband have filed for divorce on numerous occasionsFacebook/Tatyana Remley

Despite their problems, the couple maintained a lavish lifestyle together, which included numerous homes, sports cars, boats, travel, exotic pets and hefty monthly expenses, according to documents from their latest divorce filing.

“The wife is experiencing extreme financial stress. She can’t keep up with her realistic monthly expenses of only $12,000, let alone [than] what I was used to: $50,000,” said one petition seeking spousal support.

“She has no income and does not have the same access to funds and assets as the Defendant.”

In addition to the monthly stipend, Ms. Remley demanded access to one of her homes, two of her trucks, an all-terrain vehicle, and her pet parrot.

Remley has denied his wife’s allegations.

She remains behind bars and is due to appear in court in October.

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