Xiaomi is working on a new telescopic lens for smartphones

Xiaomi smartphone telescopic lens

The Chinese electronics company Xiaomi has announced the addition of a telescopic lens to its new smartphones. This will not require a different lens to zoom in on the image.

The lens is capable of exposing 300 percent more light with the help of a super-large aperture. This lens can physically zoom in and out of the body of the smartphone. Also, no details were known about Xiaomi’s telescopic lens.

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On Weibo, Xiaomi uploaded a video showing the lenses sticking out of the phone like an old point-and-shoot zoom camera. Although Xiaomi did not specify the zoom limits. And when the phones go on the market, Xiaomi did not elaborate.

Xiaomi first launched the smartphone on the market in August 2011. And in 2014 it became the largest smartphone company in China with rapid market capture.

The developer team at the famous Chinese company came up with some new ideas as it is placing a lot of emphasis on improving camera technology.

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