56 Popular Christian Baby Names Starting With Letter T In May 2023

Your name is the only thing that will define your entire personality and identity for everyone in the room; your name alone will distinguish you from everyone else.

IS IT good news that you and your spouse are expecting a child soon, or bad news because you just welcomed a baby into your home? In either scenario, you need to look for a distinctive, simple, and meaningful baby name for your child. Also naming a child is an exciting moment, and it can be enhanced by giving the baby a cute name.

“What’s in a name?” commented William Shakespeare. Well, your name is the only thing that will define your entire personality and identity for everyone in the room; your name alone will distinguish you from everyone else. Surprisingly, naming a child is one of the most important, emotional and auspicious days in the life of any parent. A name can have specific characteristics, such as being easy to pronounce, fitting one’s personality, being pleasant to listen to, and having a significant meaning.

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Finding the perfect name for your child can be difficult, but it’s worth the effort. So here are some names for your son that are distinctive, simple, and meaningful. so you don’t have to waste time on the internet looking for a good name for your child.

Unique Christian baby names with the letter “T”

  1. Taanach- Who humiliates you, who answers you
  2. Tabbath- Good, kindness
  3. Tabbaoth- Rings
  4. Tabeal – Good God
  5. Tabitha-Gazelle
  6. Tabor- Choice, purity, bruises
  7. Tabbart- A brilliant man
  8. Tad- Poet
  9. Tadd – Brave
  10. taft river
  11. Tahan- Merciful
  12. Tahapenes- Secret Temptation
  13. Taishan – honest
  14. Taneli – God is my judge
  15. Tanver- Powerful and brave body
  16. Taran – Heaven
  17. Tarik – Morning Star
  18. tarek piercing star
  19. Tarique – Morning Star
  20. Tasher- Energetic
  21. Tejin – Shiny
  22. Tetley – Tate’s Meadow
  23. Thaddeus- Uncertain
  24. Thady- Praise, Wish, Heart
  25. Theodoros – Gift of God
  26. Theodosius- Giver of God
  27. Théodule- Servant of God
  28. Theophilos- Friend of God
  29. twin thomas
  30. Thomson – Son of Thomas
  31. Thor- God of thunder
  32. Tiago Saint James
  33. Tilbert-Light leader who rules the people
  34. Timeus- Perfect, admirable, honorable
  35. Timo – Fear God
  36. Timon- Honorable, dignified
  37. Timothy- Honor of God, valued by God
  38. Tison – Animated
  39. Tito- Honored, of the Giants
  40. Tobias- The Lord is good
  41. Tobin- The Lord is good
  42. Toni- Beyond Price, Priceless, Twin
  43. Tony- Praiseworthy
  44. Tonny- A form of Tony
  45. Travis: a toll collector
  46. Trevor- Prudent, Big Farm
  47. Tristin- tumult, clamor
  48. Triston- Bold
  49. trea-a form of trey, three
  50. Troy: curly hair, foot soldier
  51. Trumble: strong and bold
  52. Tubal- The Earth, The World
  53. Tybalt – Brave
  54. Tychon: Hit the mark
  55. Tyrannus- A prince, one who reigns
  56. Tyrell: stubborn person, ruler of thunder
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