A couple allegedly kidnapped an 18-year-old girl and forced her to eat cat feces: officials

An Australian couple have been refused bail over an alleged kidnapping, during which they are accused of torturing their 18-year-old victim and forcing her to eat cat faeces.

Mataja Pagett, 18, from Western Sydney, and Jayden Williamson, 21, from Wollongong, face charges of taking and detaining a victim with intent, assault occasioning actual bodily harm in company and stalking, intimidation in relation to an alleged kidnapping incident.

A third co-defendant, Christopher Diliapis, a 19-year-old from Dapto, was also charged but was granted bail.

The alleged incident occurred on August 30, during which Pagett, Williamson and Diliapis allegedly detained the victim at a unit in North Wollongong between 4pm and 8.30pm.

Australian couple Mataja Pagett and Jayden Williamson allegedly kidnapped an 18-year-old woman.news.com.au

Apparently, the victim was forced to eat cat feces as part of the ordeal.

The victim was known to at least one of the alleged kidnappers and was initially approached and physically assaulted at Dapto train station before being taken to a nearby property where she was tied up, assaulted and held prisoner.

The victim later gave a statement at the hospital, stating that she had been forcibly tied up in a residence and that the alleged crimes appeared to be premeditated.

Apparently, the victim was tied up and forced to eat cat feces.The victim was allegedly tied up and forced to eat cat feces.cyano66

The police prosecutor opposed bail for Pagett and Williamson citing concerns for the alleged victim’s safety.

“The victim has been subjected to behavior of contempt and disgust, the things done to her are indescribable and should never have happened,” he stated.

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Magistrate Stephen Corry strongly opposed bail for Pagett and Williamson, citing concerns for the alleged victim’s safety.

“Bail is refused, this is a strong prosecution case involving continued assault and detention of the victim with zip ties,” he said.

Magistrate Corry also said the alleged crime appeared “premeditated” given what was used to “torture and detain the victim”.

Pagett’s attorney said his young age should be considered.

“This is a young person, who recently entered the jurisdiction of an adult court after turning 18 just a few weeks ago,” the lawyer told The Daily Telegraph.

The magistrate also pointed out that the alleged crimes appeared to be premeditated according to the evidence available in the unit.

Williamson and Pagett will remain in custody and their cases are due to return to the Wollongong Local Court on 1 November.

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