A man photographed casually walking just meters from a huge crocodile in Australia

An image of a man casually strolling past a huge crocodile lying in the sun in far north Queensland, Australia, is causing a stir on the internet.

The man with his phone in his hand could be seen walking along the river bank a few meters from the animal, while another man was a little further away.

The photos in Russell River near Babinda, south of Cairns, were first uploaded to social media and later shared by the Cairns Post, which reported that locals were angry at the man for disturbing the crocodile, known as Clyde, and risk being eliminated.

“If this keeps happening, it’s only a matter of time (before) old Clyde is targeted for expulsion,” one person said.

Another described the scene as “incredible human behavior.”

A man caused a stir on the internet after being photographed walking next to a crocodile in Queensland, Australia.News.com.au

But as the photos gained more attention, the Australians at FNQ defended the man.

Some claimed it was a safe distance away during the day, so there was nothing to worry about.

“There’s nothing wrong with this… it’s when this guy is fishing up to his ankles in there and the crocodile is nowhere to be seen that’s when the problems start,” one wrote.

“Who cares? People know crocodiles are predators and potentially dangerous… if they want to take the risk anyway, who cares? It’s called ‘free will,'” said another.

Locals feared it might disturb the popular crocodile known as Clyde.Locals feared it could disturb the popular crocodile known as Clyde.News.com.au

“You want us to live with them. So criticize us for simply living with them,” added a third.

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A fourth person joked: “What is the reason for this concern? It’s not.”

The Queensland Government’s Crocwise campaign warns people to stay at least five meters from the water’s edge as crocodiles often hunt their prey there.

Just a few weeks earlier, another man-made headline about fishing on the same shore, just yards from the Clyde.

A few weeks earlier a man was seen fishing near Clyde.A man was seen fishing near Clyde a few weeks earlier.News.com.au

Speaking to Nine News at the time, Croc Country Australia owner Jesse Crampton said he had seen people feeding Clyde, which actually endangered not only people but Clyde as well.

“I’ve personally seen over the years people there feeding it fish and large carcasses, like road wallaby carcasses, putting on their own attack shows,” he said.

And he added: “When crocodiles lose their fear of people and obtain food associated with humans, they become dangerous animals.

“And if an animal is considered an immediate threat, then [Department of Environment and Science] remove it to reduce the risk of someone dying.”

A Department of Environment and Science spokesperson said it was “frustrating to see people taking unnecessary and potentially life-threatening risks in known crocodile habitat.”

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