Adipurush Box Office Collection: Day 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Worldwide Earnings Report

Adipurush Box Office Collection – Day 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Worldwide Earnings Report can now be checked from this page. Adipurush, the much-awaited mythological drama film starring Prabhas, Saif Ali Khan, Kriti Sanon, Sunny Singh and Devdatta Nage, has finally hit the big screen.

Adipurush Box Office Collection

With an overwhelming reception from critics and audiences alike, the film has passed the impressive milestone of Rs 1,000 crore in worldwide box office earnings. The box office performance of the film serves as a testimony to the immense popularity of Prabhas and the timeless epic of the Ramayana.

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Prabhas, a colossal star in India, has a huge fan base all over the world. Meanwhile, the Ramayana remains one of the most beloved epics, narrated and told through various interpretations. He read on to find out more about the Adipurush box office collection.

Adipurush Day 1 Box Office Collection

Adipurush is not just any movie; It is a large-scale production with a substantial budget and as such will be set to rack up impressive box office takings. Reports indicate that the producers of the film have invested around Rs 400 crore to bring this cinematic masterpiece to life.

With such a significant investment, the expectations for the film’s success are, understandably, very high. A notable aspect of Adipurush is its release in 3D format, a technology that promises to improve the movie-watching experience.

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Day Winner
Day 1 Collection $86.75
Collection of day 2 $65.25
Day 3 Collection $69.1 million
Day 4 Collection $16.00
Collection of day 5 ₹10.00 Cr (advance estimate)
Collection of day 6 ₹17.00 Cr (advance estimate)

Adipurush Day 2 Box Office Collection

The inclusion of 3D visuals will captivate audiences and contribute to the film’s box office earnings. As the film prepares for its worldwide theatrical release, there is palpable anticipation among fans, who eagerly await the arrival of this potential blockbuster.

The importance of Adipurush extends beyond its potential financial success. It is poised to become a milestone in the Indian film industry, setting new benchmarks and pushing the boundaries of production scale and storytelling.

Fans and moviegoers alike are eagerly awaiting the release of the film, eager to witness the craftsmanship and attention to detail that the creators have put into this project. With high expectations of Adipurush’s box office collection, movie enthusiasts are eager to witness Adipurush’s box office performance and compare it with other Indian films.

Adipurush Box Office Earnings Report

Booking for Adipurush began on June 11 and the film has already made an impressive mark, with approximately Rs 3.5 crore generated through advance ticket sales in India alone. Notably, the film has also garnered a positive response in international markets, where booking collections have reached almost $16,000 in Australia and New Zealand, a notable feat considering it is still a week away from its release. Girish Johar, a respected film producer and industry expert, has high hopes for the grand opening of Adipurush. With a wide release across over 4,000 screens in India and targeting audiences in multiple languages, the stage is set for a resounding reception.

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Johar has observed an overwhelming response from the audience towards the newly released and revamped trailer of Adipurush. As a film adaptation of the legendary epic Ramayan, the film promises to deliver a wholesome and family-friendly experience. Johar is eagerly anticipating a colossal opening for the film, estimating a collection of between Rs 45-50 crore across all languages.

Adipurush: hit or miss

Adipurush, a 2023 Indian Hindu mythological film based on the epic Ramayana, has attracted attention and speculation about its box office performance. Directed and written by Om Raut, the film is a joint production of T-Series and Retrophiles.

Starring Prabhas, Kriti Sanon, Saif Ali Khan, Sunny Singh and Devdatta Nage, Adipurush was shot simultaneously in Hindi and Telugu. Upon release on June 16, 2023, Adipurush received a mixed response from critics. However, despite the critical reception, the film emerged as a commercial triumph, racking up a staggering gross of over Rs 1,000 crore (US$130 million) worldwide.

The success of Adipurush can be attributed to several factors, each of which contributes to its favorable outcome. Firstly, Prabhas’ star power played an important role in generating immense excitement among the audience.

His presence in the film attracted a significant fan base, adding to the overall appeal of the film. In addition, Adipurush boasted high production values, evident in its huge budget and top-notch craftsmanship. The visual and technical elements of the film will be executed with precision, enhancing the viewing experience. This attention to detail further contributed to his commercial success.

Adipurush Reviews

Adipurush, which will be released this Friday, is generating immense expectations as moviegoers eagerly await its arrival. We have obtained an exclusive internal report and must provide you with the review immediately. This film features the most VFX shots in Indian cinema.

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Although the initial trailer faced criticism, the trailer and subsequent songs offered a ray of hope for the film. The audience was especially moved to witness the courage and righteousness of Lord Rama in his epic battle against Ravana. However, unfortunately our verdict is one of disappointment.

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Adipurush is a pale shadow of the Ramayana, lacking the essence and treatment that the epic deserves. Director Om Raut fails to capture the essence of the story and instead presents a CG version separated from its roots. The costume design needs to be revised and the film’s team seems misguided in their attempt to create an ultra-modern spectacle. Overall, the film does not meet our expectations.

Furthermore, the Vanar Sena looks more like a miniature King Kong, without the divine presence one would expect. Prabhas, unfortunately, maintains his trademark stony expression throughout, lacking the depth needed to bring his character to life. The Ramayana, famous for its teachings on values ​​and morality, lacks such influence in this adaptation. Additionally, the film suffers from a dark, dystopian visual aesthetic with bad visuals.

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