Amazing! Street artist moves the puppet perfectly to make it look like he is painting

Puppets are string puppets used for puppet theater and have a long and diverse history spanning cultures and centuries. The Greeks, Egyptians and Romans are known to have used various forms of puppets in their entertainment and religious ceremonies.

And now, a resurfaced old video of a street artist manipulating a puppet is going viral again. Take a look at the video.

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Street artist captivates people with his puppet manipulation skills

Rodrígo Juárez is a street artist who performs in Santiago, Chile with skills so surprising that his puppets are capable of painting.[source:][more videos:]

– Maximo (@Rainmaker1973) February 21, 2023

A video of an accomplished artist showing incredible puppet playing skills has gone viral on the Internet.

This video shows a puppet creating a painting as part of a captivating street performance led by an artist who will amaze you with his extraordinary puppetry skills. Rodrigo Juárez, a talented performer, brilliantly directed the beautiful street show that took place in Santiago, Chile.


The puppeteer must have a great degree of skill and precision in handling the strings and making the puppet move fluidly and realistically during puppet performances. The artist’s talent and ingenuity are on display when a video like this becomes popular online.

The video has approximately one million views online as a result of its growing popularity. Users have paid a lot of attention to it and many have left thoughtful comments.

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Puppets have a rich history.

Puppets and puppets have cultural significance in many countries and represent unique storytelling traditions and artistic expressions. All over the world there are puppet festivals and museums dedicated to puppetry that celebrate this art form.

They have been used for religious, entertainment, educational and artistic purposes and remain a valuable form of expression in contemporary times.

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