Anupama Today’s Episode Written Update 2nd September 2023

We are back with a written update on the most famous show, Anupama. This show is developed with the great PRT. This show is a mind blowing show. This show has created a good fan following among people. The latest episode starts with Anupama saying that no one can see faces in boiling water. He adds that to see the face you have to wait for the water to cool down. He asks Leela to wait before making an impulsive decision. Leela asks him and when Vanraj betrayed her, did she stay with him? She asks if Kinajal forgives Paritosh. She says that she can’t stay with Kavya either and calls her a curse.

She refuses to accept the baby. Anupama tries her best to convince her to accept the baby. She says baby should not get punishment because of Kavya. Anupama asks the Shah family to reconsider her decision. Pakhi is on a video call with Adhik saying that Anupama is stuck in Shah’s house and she has to handle all the things alone. Adhik asks her not to worry as he is with her. Anuj overhears a conversation between Pakhi and Adhik. He thinks Adhik is attacking emotionally which is very dangerous.

Anupama asks Kavya if she wants to say something. Kavya says that she is guilty and that she is ready to get punishment for her act. Kinjal asks Kavya why she told the truth. Kavya says she loves them. She says that she loves the Shah family. Adhik asks Pakhi to relax. Furthermore, he decides to celebrate with Barkha for throwing Romil out of the house. Romil gets angry on Adhik. Adhik asks the reason. He asks her to leave her iPad. He asks Adhik to stay away from his belongings. Barkha worries that Romil heard her conversation. Adhik asks Barkha not to worry as the trap he is setting for Romil is solid.

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Kavya asks Leela to give her a chance. Leela says she is doing drama to get forgiveness. Leela Vanraj that he can also leave the house. Anuapama decides to take her to Kapadiya’s house. She adds that they arrested Vanraj and Paritosh, but Kaya confessed the truth about her. Vanraj stops Anupama from taking her to her house and defends her to accept the child. You can watch the full episode on Star plus. Stay tuned for more updates.

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