Apple GPT: A New Challenger to ChatGPT and Google Bard

If the rumors are true, Apple is secretly working on its very own AI chatbot, tentatively named “Apple GPT.” While we’re familiar with Siri, Apple Maps, and other tech marvels from the company, Apple’s take on a chatbot could be the next big thing. Let’s dive into the origins and potential of Apple GPT.

From Siri to… Apple GPT?

Apple has always been a fan of weaving AI into its products. Think of Siri, the Vision Pro headset, and their numerous other devices. While OpenAI’s ChatGPT stirred up the tech scene, prompting companies like Google and Bing to roll out their chatbots, Apple has maintained its signature secrecy. However, whispers from the corridors of Bloomberg suggest that the tech giant might soon introduce us to their version of an AI chatbot.

What Makes Apple GPT Tick?

As of now, Apple GPT is the company’s little secret. It’s an internal AI tool that Apple engineers have been playing with. Mimicking the functionality of popular chatbots like Bard, ChatGPT, and Bing AI, Apple GPT is being fine-tuned by the brightest minds in Cupertino.

Under the hood, Apple uses its AI framework, Ajax, which is built on Google’s machine learning brainchild, Google Jax. And this AI runs on Google Cloud, much like Apple’s iCloud service. With this, they’re crafting their Large Language Model (LLM), a powerhouse that could enable chatbots to mimic human conversations and whip up new content.

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What’s Apple GPT’s Destiny?

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, has always been enthusiastic about AI, though he leans more towards a cautious approach. Remember, Apple rarely flaunts its AI prowess. Instead, they love to talk about “machine learning” and how it elevates their product experience.

For instance:

  • Their keyboard predictions are now eerily accurate, thanks to a transformer language model.
  • The iOS 17 Journal app will give you personalized prompts, all curated with on-device machine learning.
  • Filling out PDF forms? Apple’s machine learning is there to help.
  • Apple Watch now presents data that’s tailor-made for you with its Smart Stack.
  • Your music experience is about to become even more personalized with adaptive audio.

Given Apple’s track record, Apple GPT could easily slide into existing or upcoming projects. Siri is an evident contender for a chatbot-like revamp. Moreover, with projects like the health coaching service (known as Quartz) and the long-discussed electric car project (Project Titan), Apple GPT might find multiple avenues to surprise us.

To wrap it up, by the time Apple is ready to unveil its AI chatbot to the public, it might not even be called “Apple GPT.” But one thing’s for sure — it’s bound to become an integral part of every Apple aficionado’s daily life.

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