Apple introduces the Apple Vision Pro, its $3,499 virtual reality headset

On Monday, Apple showed off its most ambitious piece of hardware since the iPhone: a headset that costs $3,499 and has virtual reality and augmented reality technology.

Apple showed off the headphones, called the Apple Vision Pro, at its offices in Cupertino, California, during the Worldwide Developers Conference. The company also said its Macbook laptops would receive new versions and most of its hardware would receive updated running systems.

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, showed off the headphones at the end of a long talk. He used the phrase “one more thing” that co-founder Steve Jobs liked to use when a great new product came out.

“This day has been coming for years,” Cook said.

The headset is the newest addition to the larger virtual reality market, which already includes Meta’s Quest, Valve’s Index, and a few other products. Apple said it will be out in early 2019.

Apple showed off various ways the headphones can be used, including 3D apps, immersive movies, educational material, web browsing, and video games. It can replace computers in business settings and use many of the same web browsers and programs used at work, such as programs from Microsoft and Adobe.

Apple’s Vision Pro is the most expensive and most advanced consumer VR headset on the market right now. It has a variety of features, such as the ability to adapt to the user’s environment.

Users can also look through the headset and change what appears on the screen with their eyes, hands or voice. The headset display changes depending on where the user is, but can also be adjusted by the user to create an immersive experience. Unlike other AR glasses, this one has a feature called “sight” that makes the user’s eyes visible and lets them know when someone is approaching from behind.

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During the event, Disney CEO Bob Iger said the company would work with Apple to make sure new Vision Pro features were available on Disney+ as soon as the device came out. In a short video, people were seen using the device to get live game scores, bring Disney characters like Mickey Mouse to life and bring the Magic Kingdom of Disney World into their homes.

Vision Pro will have hundreds of apps for iPhone and iPad, as well as apps that can only be found in the Vision Pro app store. During the presentation, some new apps were shown like “DJ” which allows users to access a set DJ from his living room, and “Heart,” which helps students learn about the heart by making a 3D model of it.

FaceTime is one of the longstanding Apple features that has been added to the iPhone. To use FaceTime, users will scan their faces with the headset’s cameras, which will then create a “persona.” FaceTime calls will show this person. The person will also move when the user moves their face or hands. Vision Pro will also let you use other video chat apps, like Zoom, Teams, and Webex.

Device cameras allow users to take photos and videos with the headphones and also view photos and videos they took on other devices.

The headset comes at a very important time for both Apple and virtual reality technology. The biggest company in the tech world, Apple, is still worth nearly $3 trillion. But despite making products like the iPad, Apple Watch and AirPods, technology insiders and industry researchers have been wondering for more than a decade if Apple can make another category-defining product like the first iPhone. .

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VR technology, on the other hand, has been around for decades, but has never caught on with the general public. Recent investments by other tech companies in virtual reality (VR) experiences, which are sometimes referred to as the “metaverse,” are generally considered average at best. No one has been able to make a must-have headphone case, even though headphones are a daily necessity that can only be met by technology.

Still, Apple has shown that it can convince people to use new tools. The iPhone wasn’t the first smartphone, but Apple made owning one a status symbol and then a way for tens of millions of people to organize their work, relationships, and travel. And their products have sparked and sometimes even remade entire businesses. Your smartphone put social networking within everyone’s reach, the App Store helped start millions of businesses, and iTunes completely changed the music business.

Now it has to compete with Google and Meta to be the biggest. Meta is the market leader at the moment. It got its name from Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder of Facebook, because he wanted to create a virtual reality world called a “metaverse” where people could work and interact. But that market is untested. Apple sells more than 200 million iPhones each year, but the entire headphone market has fewer than 9 million pieces.

If Apple’s VR headset can succeed where other VR headsets have failed, it would give the company important footing in what some tech analysts still see as a growth area. In a study, consulting firm McKinsey & Company said the metaverse could create $5 trillion in value by 2030.

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