Bárbara Mori and her husband Fernando Rovzar, a relationship of love and work

Actress Bárbara Mori and her husband, producer Fernando Rovzar, have been in a relationship for more than five years, and in that time they have formed a family and a successful career together.

Bárbara Mori and her husband Fernando Rovzar met in 2018, when they worked together on the film “Qué culpa tiene el niño?”.

At that time, both were separated from their respective partners, so they took advantage of that situation and began to get to know each other.


There are rumors that the couple got married in 2020, in an intimate beach ceremony.

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Mori and Rovzar have worked together on several occasions, both in film and television. In 2023, they will star together in the film “The Woman of My Life.”

Mori and Rovzar are a solid and stable couple. They support each other in their careers and personal lives.

Bárbara Mori speaks for the first time about her relationship with Fernando Rovzar: “I am living a dream” |  Soon Diary

Bárbara Mori and Fernando Rovzar are a couple who has managed to find the balance between love and work. Their relationship is an example that it is possible to be successful in both areas.

In an interview, the actress seemed happy next to Rovzar.

“I feel absolutely satisfied with the person and the woman I am today. Regardless of my professional achievements, because I feel that in my career as an actress I am also in a beautiful moment, experiencing beautiful things, but more towards my personal life I am absolutely fulfilled with my partner…” said Mori.

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